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Baltimore City Resources


Baltimore Architecture Project
The Baltimore Architecture Project provides a searchable source of information on Baltimore’s built environment, ca. 1850-1945, through the American Architects and Buildings database. Free registration is required.
Baltimore City Archives
Through an agreement with the Maryland State Archives, the archival records of  the Baltimore City's government are now being collected, preserved and made accessible to researchers.
Baltimore Heritage
 For more than 50 years, Baltimore Heritage has been the City’s nonprofit historic and architectural preservation organization.  Use this site for information for assistance with historic properties, preservation planning and heritage education.
Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts
If you're looking for festivals and community activities or cultural and artistic events, this should be your first stop.
Charm City History

Blog that covers interesting topics about Baltimore's past.  Includes links to similar blogs about the City and its history.

This site was last updated in 2014.

Citizens Planning and Housing Association
For more than 50 years, CPHA has been working to improve the quality of life in Baltimore neighborhoods.
City of Baltimore Official Web Site
The single page that links citizens to Baltimore City services, government and city related activities.  The first stop for any current information about the City.
Live Baltimore
While the objective of this site is to link prospective residents with information on living in Baltimore City, it provides information on neighborhoods and related resources.
Neighborhood Design Center
NDC brings together a professional staff and experienced volunteers to offer community design services to lower income neighborhoods in Maryland.

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