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Teen Employment


Companies That Hire Teens
This site does not indicate which employers are hiring at the moment, but it does show who hires teens, and at what age.>
Job board and resources for finding "part time jobs, teen jobs, summer jobs, holiday jobs and student jobs."
Includes many resources for teens researching career options.  A wide variety of resources for career exploration, including a database of career profiles, videos, a salary calculator, and top ten lists, are featured. 
Snag a Job
Job website focusing on hourly employment.  Good resource for teens looking for part-time employment.  Browsing jobs includes a category for "Teen Jobs."
Teen Workers: Safety and Health Topics
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides information on teen worker safety and health information.  The site includes sections for teens, parents, and employers of teen workers.
Work Permits
Provides detailed information on work permits and employment of minors from the State of Maryland's Division of Labor and Industry. 

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