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Maryland Nonprofit Organizations

The following is a list of Maryland nonprofit organizations that provide services for other nonprofits.


Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers (ABAG)

2 E. Read St., 2nd Fl., Baltimore, MD 21202, 410-727-1205

An association of grant-giving foundations, such as the Abell Foundation.  Hosts the region's common grant application, which nonprofits can use in applying for funding if requested by the foundation.  ABAG's Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative sponsors educational events and forums relating to community development.

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Maryland Chapter

2105 Laurel Bush Rd., Suite 200, Bel Air, MD 21015, 443-640-1047

The AFP sponsors an annual meeting, educational opportunities, and a "Career Connections" mentorship program for new members.

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicator Alliance (BNIA)

1420 B Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201, 410-837-6651

BNIA provides statistical information and an interactive mapping tool for comparing crime, education, health, and other demographic factors in Baltimore neighborhoods.

Business Volunteers (BVU)

175 W. Ostend Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, 410-366-6030

Business Volunteers "connects people and businesses with nonprofits that need help."  BVU's website also includes more information on volunteerism at the local and national levels for businesses, volunteers, and nonprofits.

Center for Nonprofit Advancement
1666 K Street, NW Suite 440 Washington, D.C. 20006, (202) 457-0540
Focusing on the greater Washington area, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement offers educational, networking and advocacy programs and services to nonprofit organizations.
Charitable Organization Division of the Office of the Secretary of State (Maryland)

16 Francis St., Annapolis, MD 21401, 410-974-5534

Registers charities to do business in Maryland and maintains a database of Maryland charities.

Community Law Center: Apply for Services

3355 Keswick Rd.,  Baltimore, MD 21211, 410-366-0922

Community Law Center, a nonprofit law firm, provides legal services to community and nonprofit organizations throughout Maryland.

Lazarus Foundation
10920 Route 108, Ellicott City, MD 21042, (410) 531-8485
Distributes recycled computers to nonprofits in the Baltimore-Washington region.
Maryland Governor's Grants Office (GGO)

45 Calvert Street,  Annapolis MD 21401, 410-974-5090

The GGO "helps state agencies, local governments, and non profit organizations, find, win and manage grants."  In addition to finding resources on federal, state, and foundation grants, the GGO also provides information on student financial aid, small business funding, and family resources.

Maryland Nonprofits

1500 Union Ave, Suite 2500, Baltimore, MD 21211, 410-727-6367

The Maryland Association of Nonprofits provides member services and support to nonprofits throughout Maryland. See their training calendar for workshops.

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS)

One North Charles Street, Suite 222, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, 410-547-6537

MVLS provides free or reduced fee representation to low-income individuals and non-profits who have civil legal questions or issues throughout Maryland.

Pulse Forward

901 North Milton Avenue, Suite 240, Baltimore, MD, 21205, 443-293-4000

Provides nonprofit marketing and technology assistance including: branding, IT and systems, and website development.

The Loading Dock
2 North Kresson Street Baltimore, MD 21224, (410) 558-3625
Provides recycled building materials for community improvement and nonprofit development.
United Way of Central Maryland (UWCM)

175 W. Ostend Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, 410-366-6030

The United Way of Central Maryland provides health and human services for individuals, families, nonprofits, and companies.  The 2-1-1 Maryland phone service refers basic needs organizations and providers to individuals and families.  Nonprofits services include funding opportunities and partnerships.

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