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Tutorials & Training in Computers & the Internet


Computer Classes at Enoch Pratt Free Library
Lists upcoming free computer classes offered through the Library system. Topics include basic computer skills, Microsoft Office applications, and the Internet. Classes take place at several locations during both daytime and evening hours. Interested students must register in advance; class descriptions link to the registration form.
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
Covers the content of classes on Web searching offered at the Teaching Library at the University of California at Berkeley. The tutorial covers search engines, subject directories, and the invisible Web and includes a glossary and a guide to citing electronic resources and Web sites.
Links to computer science, programming, and software books and lecture notes available for free viewing or download online, organized by category.
Mouse Aerobics
The Monroe County, Michigan, Library System offers this series of Web pages to show new Internet users how to perform the most common mouse tasks used to navigate Web sites. Explains how to click through pages, use check boxes and drop down menus, scroll up and down pages, and highlight text.
TechTutorials: Free Computer Reference
Provides an annotated directory of free online computer tutorials and includes discussion forums.

Maintained by the staff of the Business, Science & Technology Department, State Library Resource Center, Enoch Pratt Free Library