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Slave Rebellions


Amistad: The Federal Courts and the Challenge to Slavery
Addresses a famous case resolved in the Supreme Court that ultimately dictated that enslaved Sierra Leoneans captured aboard a slave ship after revolting be released despite conflicting claims and objections, some international. Includes extensive information organized in sections such as: Historical Background and Documents, the Judicial Process: a chronology,  Legal Arguments in Court, Media Coverage and Public Debates, etc. From the Federal Judicial Center.
Africans in America - Maryland Public Television (PBS)
"Resource Bank" includes a section (V) titled "Conspiracy and Rebellion", featuring historical documents and short descriptions of key people and events.
Amistad Revolt: Struggle for Freedom, The
Includes biographical sketches of Sierra Leonean survivors of the revolt aboard the slave ship Amistad, and information from associated court trials within the U.S.  A free ebook compiled by John W. Barber, available via Northwestern University.
Black Rebellion: Five Slave Revolts ebook
Features rebellions throughout the diaspora, including famous ones involving Gabriel Prosser, Nat Turner, and Denmark Vessey. A free ebook by Thomas Wentworth Higginson, available via Project Gutenberg in several formats.
Haitian Revolution 1791-1804, The
Addresses many aspects of how France's most wealthy colony revolted and became known as the first independent Black nation. A free ebook by T.G. Steward available in many options via Internet Archive.
Resistance to Slavery in MD: Strategies for Freedom
Includes a chapter titled "Revolts and Insurrections". From the National Park Service and The National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.
Slavery: The Peculiar Institution
Briefly discusses a number of mutinies and rebellions with accompanying images and historical documents. From the Library of Congress' American Memory Project.


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