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Health Care Careers


American Association of Medical Colleges: Resources for Future Physicians
Interested in becoming a doctor? Find lots of resources from the American Association of Medical Colleges to plan your future.  All stages of the decision-making process are included, from considering a medical career, applying to medical school, advice for medical students, and resources for residents.
American Medical Association - Residency & Career Planning
Learn more about the wide variety of health care careers available.  Information about different types of careers, incomes ranges, and the annual Allied Health Professions Survey are included.  You can also subscribe to a monthly Health Care Careers e-Letter to learn more about educational trends and career resources for many health care fields.
Career Exploration: Find Out What it Takes to Become a Medical Librarian!
From the Medical Library Association (MLA).  Information about how to become a medical librarian is provided through downloadable tip sheets and brochures. 
Discover Nursing
Interested in becoming a nurse? Learn more about nursing programs and scholarships and why now is a great time to become a nurse.  Profiles of nurses with diverse backgrounds are included and provide additional insight into the career.
Includes a directory of hospitals, hospital reviews, and nursing career articles.
Nursing Careers & Schools
Information is provided on nursing school, careers, and salaries.


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