Websites A Modern Herbal
The Plant & Herb Index will provide you with more than 800 varieties of herbs and plants. The Index of Recipes has a listing of twenty-nine plants, fruits, and nuts with accompanying recipes, and the Index of Poisons consists of a listing of forty-four plants that are listed as poisonous.
Dave's Garden
Tabs at the top of the Dave's Garden site allow visitors to navigate this extensive gardening resource. Plant Files is a large database of plants, providing characteristics and photos inputted by users of the site. The Garden Watchdog categorizes over 4,000 vendors for many different gardening-related products and displays customer feedback about the companies. If you know exactly the plant or product you're seeking, Plant Scout allows you to search for all the companies that sell it. The site also recommends books, defines terms, hosts a trading forum for gardeners, and more.
DIY-Do it Yourself Network
This user-friendly website offers useful advice on all aspects of outdoor gardening including container gardening. Gives useful advice on plant selection and choosing a container.
Drying Flowers and Foliage for Arrangements
An overview of methods for drying flowers, the main essay on this page also addresses how to collect flowers and other plants for drying. A panel on the side of the website lists which flowers are most suitable for the methods of air-drying, pressing, glycerinizing, and burying.
Includes online magazine for the serious gardener; gardening forums, contests, and crossword puzzles; garden exchange and gardening tips; and links to plant suppliers and botanic gardens.
Home Propagation of Houseplants
Website author Mary Ann Gowdy describes methods for multiplying houseplants including taking cuttings and techniques can be used for some specific houseplants.
Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Invasive Species of Maryland
For those concerned with preserving Maryland's native ecosystems, this website offers information on the management of invasive species and links to other resources from the department of Natural Resources.
Maryland Native Plant Society
The website for this conservation organization aims to inform visitors about protecting and restoring the unique and beautiful landscape native to Maryland. The site is substantial with links to informational resources, webpages of similar organizations, and a calendar of events.
National Gardening Association
Here you will find information on how to start, plant, care, and harvest your garden. The Zone map will help you to "to compare … garden climates with the climate where a plant is known to grow well." The Pest Control page will give you tips and let you view a photo index of all bugs.
The Taunton Press / Fine Gardening
Information on how to build a container can be found here as well as advice on home to create plant or vegetable combinations. The pictures featured here will give you wonderful ideas for your own container garden.

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