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African American Genealogy

Are you trying to find your roots? If you’re running into some brick walls with your genealogical research, or just don’t know how to get started, this guide should be helpful to you.

Baltimore Neighborhood Research Guide

A guide to Baltimore neighborhoods, their history, neighborhood organizations, and statistics.

The Black Panther Party

The Pratt Library has a variety of resources both in person and online that will help you research the Black Panther Party.

COVID-19: Links You Can Trust

Use this guide to find trusted and reliable sources related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses

Find a curated list of reliable resources for local Maryland businesses affected by COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Use this guide to find trusted and reliable news sources related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine.

Early Maryland History

Find resources and guidance for researching early Maryland history from the Colonial through the Antebellum periods.

Evaluating Old Books

Ever wonder how much your old books are worth? The Humanities Department has resources to help you research and evaluate old books.

Evaluating Old Coins & Paper Money

Use this guide to research the value of your old coins and paper money.

Evaluating Old Stock Certificates

Find out what to do with an old stock certificate, how to determine the value, and about collecting stock certificates.

Finding Movies in the Public Domain

Learn what a public domain movie is, how to find movies in the public domain, and other resources.

Genealogy & Family History Research Guide

Research your family history and genealogy with extensive resources, both in person and online.

Historic Maryland Newspapers

Find historical Maryland newspapers online or in our physical collections.

The History of Your House

Use this guide to research the history of your house, how to determine if it’s a historical house, tax assessments, and local preservation organizations.

How to Get a GED in Maryland

Do you want to learn more about getting your GED? This guide will help you research eligibility, find study resources, and schedule a GED test in the state of Maryland.

How to Start a Nonprofit in Maryland

This guide provides resources and assistance in starting a nonprofit in Maryland, or finding alternatives to starting a nonprofit.

Job Seeker's Toolkit

Looking for a job in Baltimore? This toolkit is designed to support job-seekers and those who assist job-seekers.

National History Day Research

Find contest details, local and online resources, and more information related to National History Day, a non-profit education organization based in College Park, Maryland.

Picture Book Guide

Learn more about the different types of picture books and the benefits of picture books in child development.

Primary Sources Throughout History

Use primary sources found in the Pratt collections and online to research how different civilizations lived during a specific time period.

Small Business Guide

Find reliable information related to starting a small business in Maryland, taxes, writing a business plan, and more.

Spotting Fake News

This guide will help you determine the kinds of fake news that exist and provide tools for how to evaluate news for its reliability and truth.

Unemployment Services & Resources in Maryland

Has your employment been affected by COVID-19? This guide will help displaced workers apply for Unemployment Insurance and other benefits.

Writing a Grant Proposal

Are you applying for a grant on behalf of your nonprofit organization? This guide will help you write a master proposal.