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Graphic Design & Illustration


50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory
Ranging from color theory to grid-based design, these intensive tutorials discuss the fundamentals of graphic design.
AIGA is the professional association for design, with 70 chapters (there's one in Baltimore) and over 25,000 members. Their site features notes about national and local design events, job listings, a career guide, professional development resources, and much more.
Artist's Market
The online site of the annual publications Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market and Photographer's Market, both vital resources for any emerging artist, designer or photographer trying to establish a successful career.
Communication Arts Network
Directed toward both professional and student designers, this searchable online counterpart to Communication Arts magazine (the visual communication industry's largest international trade journal) features industry news, a showcase for new creative work, job listings, a place to post your resume, and entry forms for their six competitions.
National Museum of American Illustration
The National Museum of American Illustration (Newport, RI) was founded in 1998 to house works from the 'Golden Age of American Illustration,' featuring such artists as Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, and Maxfield Parrish. Yet, the museum exhibits American illustration from all periods, styles and talents.
Occupational Outlook Handbook - Graphic Designers
Learn about the work graphic designers do, the education and training involved, the salaries, about the work environment, and what job prospects look like for graphic designers in the years ahead. From the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Society of Illustrators
The Society of Illustrators is the only national institution devoted solely to the art of illustration. Find information on career guidance, art schools, upcoming exhibitions, traveling shows, and the Permanent Collection at the Society's Museum of American Illustration on Manhattan's east side.

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