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Australasian & Pacific History

Internet Sites

Australian Dictionary of Biography - Online Edition
Containing over 10,000 scholarly biographies of persons who were significant in Australian history, this site covers those individuals who died between 1788 and 1980.  The staff of the Australian Dictionary of Biography are currently working on preparing articles on individuals who died between 1981 and 1990.
By Aeroplane to Pygmyland: Revisiting the 1926 Dutch and American Expedition to New Guinea
"By Aeroplane to Pygmyland aims to “revisit” a historically important scientific expedition from today’s perspective of 80 years later. It does this through interpretive essays accompanied by the publication, for the first time, of two expedition diaries by the American participants and a wealth of additional expedition records that had never before been published, including over 700 original photographs and about two hours of original film footage, in an annotated and interconnected multimedia format allowing comparison among multiple sources."
Documenting a Democracy, from the National Archives of Australia
This simple to use site presents users with 110 key documents, organized by geographical area, important to the foundation of Australia.
New Zealand History Net: Nga Korero Tuku Iho o Aotearoa
The site is operated by the New Zealand Ministry of Culture and Heritage and offers a wide range of materials on topics from the Treaty of Waitangi to a glossary of important Maori words. Galleries and an extensive menu of links arranged by subject are provided. The site is searchable.
Pacific Studies: WWW Virtual Library
Pacific Studies functions as a first-rate electronic index to Pacific history and related studies. The topical coverage is broad: libraries, archives, culture, governance, history, geography, law, statistics, anthropology, etc. The site is searchable and includes pages for numerous Pacific islands and states. The Virtual Library is the oldest web catalogue and is operated by a network of volunteer experts. Pacific Studies is centered at Australian National University.
South Seas: Voyaging and Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Pacific (1760-1800)
South Seas is an online resource for the history of European voyaging and cross-cultural encounters in the Pacific during the time period specified.  Site visitors will find maps, firsthand accounts of the journeys, cultural atlases, indigenous histories, and more.

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