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An Afternoon of Poetry 1:28:25 2012-12-02 Cave Canem green logo and Kwame Dawes - preview

Cave CanemKwame DawesThis annual Cave Canem poetry reading at the Pratt features Kwame Dawes and Cave Canem fellows Mahogany L. Brown, Raina Fields, Niki Herd, Brandon D. Johnson, Bettina Judd, and Kateema Lee. Hosted by Reginald Harris of Poets House in New York.

Born in Ghana in 1962, Kwame Dawes spent most of his childhood in Jamaica. He is a writer of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and plays. Of his 16 collections of poetry, the most recent include Wheels (2011); Back of Mount Peace (2009); and Hope's Hospice (2009). He won a Pushcart Prize in 2001 for his long poem "Inheritance." Dawes is currently the Glenna Luschel Editor of Prairie Schooner at the University of Nebraska, where he is a Chancellor's Professor of English, a faculty member of Cave Canem, and a teacher in the Pacific MFA program in Oregon.


This annual reading features award-winning poet Kwame Dawes and local Cave Canem poets.