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Nonprofit Fundraising

Please see Maryland Nonprofits  For information specific to nonprofit management and fundraising in Maryland.


990 Finder
The complete tax returns for all private foundations nonprofits in the United States are available here. Use this database to find out who is *really* funding programs like your own.
Council on Foundations
 Explains types of foundations, how to start a foundation, and provides links to member's home pages, links to associations of grant makers, and to philanthropy research worldwide.
David Lamb's Prospect Research
Looking for the perfect donor?  Lamb's Web site provides quick links to directories, public records, foundation Web sites and more.
Foundation Center
A great place to begin funding research, this site allows you to browse the Foundation Center's list of publications which can be found in the Pratt Library Grants Collection. Online training courses are available: " Grantseeking", "Guide to Funding Research" and "Proposal Writing". A tutorial for "Foundation Directory Online", which the Pratt Library has, is also available.
Fundraising Technology Resources: Online Fundraising
Fundraising Technology Resources, created by Robert L. Weiner Consulting, is a fundraising technology directory that includes multiple online fundraising resources.  Other topics on the website include email marketing, newsletters, and social media.
GrantSpace, a service of the Foundation Center, "offers information and resources that are specifically designed to meet the needs of nonprofits worldwide in need of know-how for securing funding and operating effective organizations."
GuideStar: The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations
GuideStar is operated by Philanthropic Research, a public charity, "to revolutionize philanthropy and nonprofit practice with information." - About. Although some of its services are only available for subscribers, it offers free searching of its database of information on more than 850,000 nonprofit organizations.
Network For Good
Nonprofits can receive online donations through this site.  In addition, nonprofits can access tools for fundraising, volunteer recruitment and donor communication.
Salem Press: Library Grants Center
Are you a librarian that wants to learn about the grantmaking world?  Ready to write your proposal?  The Library Grants Center is a free web tool that librarians of all experience levels can use for grantseeking and grantswriting.


Foundation Directory Online
Search over 108,000 foundations, corporate giving programs, and grantmaking public charities in the U.S.

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