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Latin American History

Internet Sites

Handbook of Latin American Studies Online
All volumes from 1935 forward of the Handbook of Latin American Studies from the U.S. Library of Congress Hispanic Division can now be searched on the Internet. You can do a basic search (such as author, title, or subject) or use the more advanced search options.
Latin World
As this website states, it is "the premier search engine for Iberoamerica & the Caribbean". It can be accessed in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, and gives detailed information about most of the hispanic countries of the world.
Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection
With over 800,000 books, periodicals, and pamphlets, this is perhaps the largest collection of Latin American material in the United States. Also included in the collection are maps, microforms, photographs, and various other types of media.
The World of 1898: The Spanish American War
The Library of Congress prepared this fascinating presentation on the war and its participants. Historical essays, illustrations, personal commentaries, and maps are included. Links are provided for 2 related presentations: "The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures" and "Puerto Rico at the Dawn of the Modern Age: Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century Perspectives."


A Brief History of the Caribbean

A Brief History of the Caribbean  : From the Arawak and the Carib to the Present
Rogozinski, Jan

Short, concise articles cover topics such as pirates, slavery, colonialism, and independence. A large section is devoted to the business and social impact of the sugar industry.
Call Number: (X)F1621.R721994
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Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture 
5 volumes
Tenenbaum, Barbara A

Contains signed articles of varying lengths covering Latin America from Argentina to Zacatecas. Bibliographies, illustrations, maps, and an index are included.
Call Number: XF1406.E531996q
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Encyclopedia of Mexico

Encyclopedia of Mexico  : History, Society and Culture
2 volumes
Werner, Michael S

A focused, comprehensive English language source that "seeks to encourage new approaches to the study of Mexican history, society, and culture..." and "to provide students, policy makers, and the general public with convenient access to basic bibliographic and factual data on historical figures, events and processes, be a useful component for courses on Mexico."-Ed. Note.
Call Number: XF1210.E631997q
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The Cambridge History of Latin America

The Cambridge History of Latin America 
2 volumes
Bethell, Leslie

The majority of this history focuses on colonial Latin America. Topics are listed chronologically and essays are written by scholars from the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Some subject areas covered are: The Catholic church in colonial Spanish America, Women in Spanish American colonial society, Africans in Spanish American colonial society, and Indian societies under Spanish rule.
Call Number: XF1410.C18341984
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