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Maryland Crime


Baltimore City Police Department
Official website of Baltimore City Police Department.  Provides news, contact information, and links to crime prevention resources.
Baltimore City Police Department Crime Maps
Baltimore City crime maps are available to be searched by district, neighborhood, etc. The maps show crimes by type at the location they occurred. Once the map is created, a table can be retrieved that breaks down each crime. Only a 14 day period is available at a time.
Baltimore Crime
Locally produced blog about everything relating to crime, the courts and government in the Baltimore area. Data is as up-to-date as any source and frequently the first place to find information.  Maintains a list of those murdered in Baltimore with name, address and date of homicide. - maps of murder
Crime blog shows geographic locations of murders in Baltimore, Washington DC, and the local region. Information is current.
Maryland Crime Rates

Maryland Crime Rates

These crime rates for Maryland are provided by the Disaster Center and cover 1960-2011.

Maryland Criminal Sentencing Guidelines
Sentencing guidelines used by Maryland circuit courts.  Contains 2013 sentencing manual and access to details for offenses related to persons, property and drugs.
Maryland Gangs-Information and Prevention
The Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention provided a grant to the University of Maryland's Public Safety Training and Technical Assistance Program to develop this website so that parents, educators and public officials would have a resource to learn about combating gangs.
Maryland State Police
The State Police site contains links to useful law enforcement documents including firearms, forensics, homeland security and crime statistics.
Sex offender Registry - MD Dept. of Public Safety/Corrections
This site is maintained by the Maryland Dept. of Public Safety & Correctional Services and contains on-line registry listings of sex offenders in Maryland and an interactive map to identify registered sex offenders by location.

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