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African Americans in the U.S. Army
Includes a timeline, biographical profiles of trailblazers, news stories, desktop wallpaper, and recommended resources. From the U.S. Army. For information on units, annotated artwork and photography, or essays and publications with topics such as the participation, employment, and eventual integration of Black soldiers in different wars, the legacy of Black women soldiers, etc., click here to visit a website with the same name from the U.S. Army Center of Military History.
African Americans in the U.S. Coast Guard
Includes an overview, a chronology, links to recommended articles, photo gallery of briefly annotated portraits, and additional lengthier biographical profiles.
Blacks in the U.S. Army: Now and Then
34 pages (Portable Document Format--.pdf) of demographic information concerning all branches of the U.S. military, mostly comparing four time periods (FY 85, FY 95, FY 05, and FY 09) with the incorporation of many charts and tables. From the Department of Army's Office of Army Demographics.
Experiencing War: Stories from the Veterans History Project
Features biographical profiles with audio and video clips of interviews, photo albums, maps, and other resources. Click here for many addditional profiles that are not a part of the digital collection (browsable by race/ethnicity among other limiters). From the Library of Congress.
Gladstone Collection of African American Photographs
Provides almost 350 images showing African Americans and related military and social history, primarily of the Civil war era.  Additional photographs from the Civil War era are available through the Print and Photographs Division here. Both resources are from the Library of Congress.
History Makers: the nation's largest African American video oral history collection
Military Makers section features brief biographical profiles of Tuskegee Airmen, high-ranking armed services officials, and military technicians, for example. Paid members gain access to full length video clips among other benefits.
Military Resources: Blacks in the Military
Annotated bibliography comprised of many hyperlinks to e-books, articles, websites, and lesson plans. From the National Archives.
Pictures of African Americans During World War II
260 pictures (in .jpg format) with annotations, organized by military branch, gender (women), rest and relaxation, homefront, etc. Links to a complementary article, and related resources. From the National Archives.
United State Marine Corp History Division
Links to a few relevant publications, ordered by year of publication: Pride, Progress, and Prospects: The Marine Corps' Efforts to Increase the Presence of African-American Officers (1970-1995) (2000); The Right to Fight: African-American Marines in World War II (1995); and Blacks in the Marine Corp (1975). The latter is a historical overview ending with the Vietnam Era. Each are viewable online in PDF (Portable Document Format).


African-American History and Culture
This electronic encyclopedia includes thousand of entries covering the entire breadth of African-American history - from African beginnings through the slave trade and the Civil Rights Movement to the present. Entries are organized into five sections: Biographies, Encyclopedia, Historical Documents, Gallery and Maps and Charts. Each entry is cross-referenced through hyperlinks and searchable by topic, by historical era, and by keyword.

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