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General Science


American National Standards Institute
Provides information about ANSI and the development of its standards. An electronic version of their catalog of more than 11,000 approved standards is searchable by keyword and includes information about price and ordering.(Note: Pratt has a collection of ANSI Standards, which can be used in the library.)
Animal Diversity Web
Sponsored by the University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology. Provides accounts of individual species that include classification, geographic and physical characteristics, behavior, reproduction and eating habits.
Astronomical Data
The U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department provides current and historical data on the sun and moon, eclipses, seasons and more.
Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)
An ambitious project to bring together knowledge about all known species, including their taxonomy, geographic distribution, collections, genetics, evolutionary history, morphology, behavior, ecological relationships, and importance for human well being. The EOL staff is made up of scientists and non-scientists working from museums and research institutions around the world.
International Organization for Standardization
The ISO is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 100 countries. It promotes the development of standardization with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services. A searchable catalogue with ordering information isprovided.
An evolving collaboration of scientists, artists, and the members of the Net Generation. They host contests, discussion groups, and live Web-conferenced presentations.  Visitors can share their thoughts, creations, and experiences relating to Earth's Moon through MyMoon groups on Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. 
Reciprocal Net Common Molecules
Look at 3-D images of common molecules, such as gold, quartz, caffeine, sugar, water, and a lot more.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Endangered Species
Includes the Endangered Species Act and policies, information about listed and candidate species, fact sheets, success stories and more.
Compiled by Mark Winter at the UK's University of Sheffield, this site provides an interactive periodical table of the elements. A typical entry includes the element's atomic number and weight, CAS number, and a brief essay with graphics, describing the chemical's properties. After searching for an element, use the sidebar on the left side of the page to link to more details about the element.


Science Online
Science Online conveys the visual nature of science in a clear and easy-to-comprehend manner. All content in this comprehensive database is divided into sections based on the science curriculum established by the National Science Education Standards, enabling students and researchers to access printable diagrams, definitions, biographies, and essays in a specific subject area or discipline.

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