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Internet Sites

A Miniature Library of Philosophy
This site gathers full text and overviews of a large section of philosophy from the early-moderns to contemporary philosophy.  Well documented, with a highly readable presentation.
Ancient Philosophy
From the Los Angeles Valley College, this is a thorough introduction to ancient philosophy.
Early Modern Texts

While this collection of texts is not comprehensive, it does focus on the major players of the period. What is most valuable is that the texts are easy to read.


Internet Classics Archive

This site holds a collection of over 400 classical works by 59 different authors.


PhilPapers is a comprehensive online directory of articles and books by academic philosophers. Includes a search engine, as well as browsing by subject and individual journals.
Squashed Philosophers
Condensed versions of many of the Classics of Western Philosophy. The “squashing” attempts to explain the most important ideas of each work, captured in the philosophers' own words. 
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This excellent site offers entries on philosophers, topics in philosophy, and philosophical movements. Entries are written by distinguished professors of philosophy and refereed by an editorial board before publication.


General Proquest
General ProQuest contains abstracts from over 1100 magazines from 1986 to the present. Includes Newsweek, New Yorker, Jet, Rolling Stone and Science News.

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