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Looking for a Job?  Start Here

The Enoch Pratt Free Library is a great place to start looking for a job.

Filing for Unemployment

Learn about unemployment from the Maryland Division of Unemployment Insurance.

File for unemployment at

Starting & Organizing Your Job Search

Be cautious about job offers that seem to be good to be true.  They probably are!  Learn more about how to avoid job scams.

Starting with newspaper classified ads and job postings can be a good way to see what jobs are available in your area. The library is a great resource since newspapers from many local communities outside of Baltimore, including the Frederick Post, the Salisbury Daily Times, and the Annapolis Capital, are available.Want ads 

Don't limit your search to just newspaper classified -- only 10-15% of jobs are advertised there!

Save your job search materials -- contact information, dates of meetings, notes about phone calls, resumes, cover letters, etc.  These can be helpful in the future.

Make sure to print out or save online job postings -- these can disappear overnight.

Bookmark job search sites, job postings, and useful information online.  If you don’t have a computer, use an online bookmarking Web site such as Delicious.

Organize your time.  Blocking time for a task can help keep you on track.

Take a Job & Career Class at through the Job & Career Information Center at Enoch Pratt Free Library.  Brushing up on job searching skills can help make your job search shorter!

Consider using the Maryland One-Stop Career Centers to get additional help with your job search.


Prepare for opportunities to network anywhere.  Make sure you have a resume or business card with you at all times.

Create a commercial about yourself to use while networking.  Focus on who you are and what you can do for a potential employer and practice it!

Job Web Sites

Maryland Job Web sites

Baltimore Sun Classified Ads Online
The Baltimore Sun provides its classified ads online through Career Builder. Baltimore City jobs are included, and the Web site can also be searched for jobs nationwide.

Maryland Workforce Exchange
Search for Maryland jobs, vocational training, job fairs, and job search help.  Information about local One-Stop Career Centers, located in each county, is also included.

State and Local Government Job Search
Links to Maryland county and state government personnel offices.

National Job Web sites

Career Builder
Career Builder is an online job marketplace affiliated with 90 newspapers, including the Baltimore Sun. Registered users can also post résumés and set up job alerts.

A job search engine that searches millions of online job ads and brings all the results to one location. 
A job search engine that focuses on job postings on company websites.
Search jobs by city and job category or keyword. 
Search for full-time and part-time hourly employment.  Users can register and post résumés online.
The official job site of the United States Federal Government.  A one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information. 

Résumé, Cover Letters & Other Job Search Materials

Create a résumé that shows your work experience, education, training, and other skills.    Writing a Resume 

The  Job & Career Information Center provides free résumé reviews by appointment.  Just call us at (410) 396-5317.

cover letter can be an opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer.  When writing a cover letter, focus on these three areas:

A cover letter can also be an opportunity for you to explain your skills in more detail using short stories. 

mini-résumé can be a great resource for networking.

Business cards are essential for networking.  Even if you don’t have a job title, you can still get business cards made up, even for free.


Preparing for an interview is essential to land the job. 

Practice answering some of the most commonly asked questions witha  family member or friend.

Make sure you have stories that show off your skills and how you have solved problems.

Be prepared to answer any "red-flag" questions -- if you have been fired, changed jobs a lot, or don't have a lot of education.  Use the following three-step process to come up with a good answer to these questions:

Make sure to take responsibility for your actions, which can show an employer that they should still hired you.

Job Offer

 Congratulations!  You’ve gone through the job search steps, written a great résumé, and had a successful interview.  Now you’ve finally gotten a job offer.  Now what do you do?

Ask the employer for some time to think about it, even if you want the position.  Allow yourself some time to evaluate the position

However, make sure that you don’t extend your decision for weeks on end, and if you decide not to accept the job, tell the employer as soon as possible.

Some questions you will want to ask yourself while thinking about the job are:

Make sure that you get the job offer in writing.  A verbal offer can be rescinded much more easily than one in writing. 

You should also hold off on quitting your current job, turning down other job offers, or making moving arrangements until you have the job offer in writing.

Ask Us

If you would like more assistance with your job search, please visit us, e-mail us through our Ask-A-Librarian service, call us at (410) 396-5317 or mail your question to:

Job and Career Information Center
Enoch Pratt Free Library
State Library Resource Center
400 Cathedral Street
Baltimore MD 21201


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