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(1946- Present) Cold War & Societal Change

Internet Sites

About McCarthyism
Based at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, About McCarthyism is a clickable list of accessible, key readings tracing the rise, fall, and ongoing legacy of one of the 1950's most infamous personalities.
Berlin Airlift
In 1948 the USSR blockaded West Berlin to force the Allies to handover the city to Russia. The U.S. and Britain responded with a daily airlift of supplies that eventually compelled Stalin to lift the blockade. The Truman Presidential Library retells the story with photographs, narratives, and important documents.
Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb
"Levittown has long represented the paradigmatic postwar American suburb. Yet very little in the way of good critical work has been done on the history and significance of this American cultural icon." - Intro. Peter Bacon Hales in the Art History Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago attemps to remedy this situation through the many photographs and commentaries gathered here.
Literature & Culture of the American 1950s
Produced in the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania, Literature & Culture is a clickable checklist of readings focusing on key people and events of the 1950s. From the atom bomb to Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" via Jack Kerouac the coverage is impressive.
Psychedelic Sixties: Literary Tradition and Social Change
"The 'Psychedelic Sixties' broke the rules in every conceivable way from music to fashion (or lack of it), to manners and mores. Boundaries were challenged and crossed in literature and art; the government was confronted head-on for its policies in Vietnam; the cause of civil rights was embraced by the young; and mind-expanding drugs were doing just that." The University of Virginia Library is responsible for this entertaining exhibit covering illicit drugs, the beats, social protest, Woodstock, radicalism, and hippies.
The Sixties Project
The Sixties Project was established as a network of humanities educators to faciliate electronic access to important resources delinating this contentious period and to promote discussion among researchers and students. It's based at the University of Virginia. The site is searchable and boasts a wide range of choices from poetry to personal narratives.
The Wars for Viet Nam: 1945-1975
Wars offers direct access to a wide range of primary sources (e.g., the Geneva Accords and President Eisenhower's letter of support to Ngo Dinh Diem). An extensive bibliography and links to other resrouces are provided. The site grew out of course materials for Robert Brigham's senior seminar on the War at Vassar College.
Vanderbilt Television News Archive
From August 5, 1968, The Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed national television newscasts. The database is broken down into Network Television Evening News Abstracts and Special Reports & Periodic News Broadcasts. Also included are Specialized news Collections dealing with specific events, such as the Gulf War.
The Washington Post revisits Watergate in a multimedia study encompasing documents, a timeline, cartoons, biographies of key individuals, and the Post's award winning reporting.

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