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African Americans in the U.S. Army
Beautiful site with after-action reports and additional information from specific units, including paintings, and photographs.
Black Men in Navy Blue During the Civil War
This article by Joseph Reidy in the National Archives’s <i>Prologue</i> magazine includes an excellent overview of African Americans in the Navy during the Civil War, statistics on percentage of black men serving in the crews, and several photographs.
Blacks in the Military
Quick overview of African American participation in every branch of the armed forces.
Brief History of Black Women in the Military
Provides overview beginning with the Civil War and includes illustrations.
Photographs of the 369th Infantry and African Americans during World War I
Includes photographs, background and resources for exploring the contributions of the African American 369th Infantry.


The Bicycle CorpsThe Bicycle Corps : America's Black Army on Wheels
60 min

"In 1897, the U.S. Army theorized that the newly developed 'safety' bicycle could replace the horse as means of troop transport. As a result, the 25th Infantry established a Bicycle Corps to test the overall practicality of military cycling. Twenty African-American soldiers put their bicycles, their bodies and the Army's theory to the test with a 2000-mile ride from Montana to St. Louis, Missouri. The Bicycle Corps: America's Black Army on Wheels chronicles their journey through the eyes of two black sergeants who guided and motivated the men"--Container.
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The Tuskegee AirmenThe Tuskegee Airmen
60 min

The story of an experiment - "to see if Blacks had the intellectual and physical ability to fly an aircraft in combat." These pilots, trained in the "deep South," became the Tuskegee Airmen, flying combat aircraft during World War II for their country. They had to battle on 2 fronts: the Axis powers in Europe and North Africa, and the racism at home.
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African-American History and Culture
This electronic encyclopedia includes thousand of entries covering the entire breadth of African-American history - from African beginnings through the slave trade and the Civil Rights Movement to the present. Entries are organized into five sections: Biographies, Encyclopedia, Historical Documents, Gallery and Maps and Charts. Each entry is cross-referenced through hyperlinks and searchable by topic, by historical era, and by keyword.

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