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Internet Sites

American President: An Online Reference Resource
Produced by the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs, this comprehensive and non-partisan Web site provides in-depth information reviewed by prominent scholars on each president and administration. A separate collection of essays on the President at Work delves into the function, responsibilities, and organization of the modern presidency and traces the history and evolution of presidential duties.
POTUS: Presidents of the United States
This Web site, part of the Internet Public Library, includes background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents.
Presidents of the United States
This is the official White House Web site, with current as well as historical information about the presidency.


Facts about the Presidents:  A Compilation of Biographical and Historical Information

Facts about the Presidents: A Compilation of Biographical and Historical Information 
Regularly Updated
Kane, Joseph Nathan

This standard reference source is arranged in two parts. Part 1 has biographical data on each president, including information about his family, cabinet and Supreme Court appointments, and highlights of his life and administration. Part 2 has comparative data on the presidents and the office of the presidency.
Call Number: XE176.1.K3Q
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Guide to the Presidency

Guide to the Presidency 
Regularly Updated
Nelson, Michael (editor)

Issued in two volumes covering more than 1,800 pages, this guide has separate sections on the origins and development of the presidency, how presidents are selected and removed, the powers of the presidency, the president's relationship with his political party and the public, the president's role as Chief Executive of the federal government, and biographies of the presidents and vice presidents.
Call Number: XJK516.G83Q
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