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Watch Movies, TV Shows and More Online for Free

Its FreeThe old ways of watching movies and television (DVDs, movie theaters, network TV) are being challenged by the Internet and video streaming technology at the same time that long-form, episodic television series (Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, etc.) are challenging the Hollywood feature film in popularity and critical esteem. Following are the top resources for viewing movies, TV shows and more for free - anytime and anywhere. All you need is a computer, TV or mobile device with an Internet connection. And remember, if you miss your favorite network TV show, check the network's website; most major networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS) offer some episodes for free online viewing.

Popular Movies & TV

Laptop GirlCrackle's partnership with Sony Pictures enables them to provide hundreds of free, full-length streaming movies, TV shows and original programming, uncut and unedited. You may have to sit through a few commercials, but they are short and infrequent.

Hulu enables users to watch popular network and cable TV shows (including many British TV series), popular and classic movies (including many Criterion Collection arthouse films, anime and foreign movies) and  award-winning documentaries with limited commercial interruptions. Some titles require Hulu Plus (a pay service), but many are offered free and uncut.

YouTube is no longer just a place to watch cute cat videos and movie trailers. There are a number of  free movies, classic TV shows and documentaries that you can watch in their entirety online. You can also search YouTube Channels to find free and public domain movies; Mrfilmschatten (specializing in classic and cult movies) and Video Cellar's Classic Movies are two of the best.

Legal Movies Online
Watch virus-free legal movies and popular television shows online with limited commercial interruptions. R-rated films require a birth date verification. They also provide links to other recommended sites for viewing Legal Movies and Legal TV Shows online.

Open Culture
This site offers over 575 free movies, including links to free Oscar Winners, Hitchcock, and Chaplin films; it also provides a useful list of other free movie sites.

Laptop Girl 2

Visit Retrovision to watch classic TV shows and movies, including rare sci-fi and horror movies and  vintage cartoons.

UbuWeb's film and video archive is the largest collection of avant-garde and outsider art works available to watch for free online.

TV.Com is a good site for watching popular network and cable TV shows. Though many links take users to pay sites, you can browse through them to find a number of free shows with full episodes.

Classic Cinema Online
This site specializes in hundreds of old westerns, dramas, silents and movie serials that can be searched by title or by genre.

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