Popular British Television Series 

As America celebrates the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, another British invasion is getting just as much attention - and, far from being repelled, it’s being actively embraced. That’s the invasion of our airwaves by a succession of critically acclaimed British television series, from wildly popular period dramas like Downton Abbey to creative makeovers of iconic classics like the “new” Doctor  Who and Sherlock. So if telly from across the pond appeals to you, grab a cuppa tea and use these links to catch up on these outstanding series.Union Jack TV cropped

Downton Abbey (PBS Masterpiece Classic)
Set on a fictional Yorkshire estate in the years surrounding WWI, this saga about the Crawley family and their servants is the most successful British period drama since Brideshead Revisited. Check Pratt catalog.

Luther (BBC America)
Golden-Globe winning actor Idris Elba stars as detective John Luther in this dark psychological crime series. Check Pratt catalog.

Sherlock (PBS Masterpiece Mystery)
This contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous sleuth finds Sherlock Holmes embracing modern technology to solve crimes. Check Pratt catalog.

Doctor Who (BBC America) 
The mysterious time traveler continues to pick up human companions and defeat evil foes with little more than his wits and a sonic screwdriver. Check Pratt catalog or watch clips on BBC America.

MI-5 (BBC One)
Known as Spooks in the UK, this spy series features fast-paced action and glossy production values. Watch it now on WETA UK.

Being Human (BBC America)
This series about flatmates with supernatural powers blends elements of drama, comedy and horror. Watch episodes on BBC America.

Misfits (Channel 4)
Five unruly teenagers forced to do community service for their crimes get turned into superheroes following a freak electric storm. Watch it now on Hulu.

BBC America CroppedRev. (BBC Two)
The UK's favorite sitcom about a vicar running an inner-city church with a reluctant wife and a motley congregation. Watch it now on Hulu.

Doc Martin (PBS)
When gruff Dr. Martin Ellingham develops an aversion to blood, he gives up surgery and becomes a General Practicioner in a sleepy Cornish village - whose bumpkin inhabitants vex him to no end! Check Pratt catalog. Or watch it now on WETA UK.

Midsomer Murders (PBS Masterpiece Mystery)
Britain's most-loved detective series features DCI Barnaby solving crimes in the quaint but deadly fictional Midsomer county. Check Pratt catalog.

WETA UK is America's first 24/7 all-British commercial-free cable TV channel. It broadcasts older popular dramas, soaps and sitcoms from the British Broadcast Company (BBC).

BBC America
This American commercial cable/satellite TV network broadcasts comedy, drama and lifetstyle programs from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, including the groundbreaking Dramaville (Luther, Whitechapel, The Hour).