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Searchable resource of more than 40,000 free recipes created, tested, reviewed, and approved by home cooks worldwide.  Users can join to save, organize, and share recipes.
Cook's Thesaurus
Suggests substitutions for thousands of cooking ingredients.
The online publication of Gourmet and Bon Appetit has a searchable database of recipes from the magazine archives, complete with reviews from users.  Other features include technique videos, food and wine dictionaries, and forums.  Users are also able to register with the Web site to create their own Recipe Box for saving, sharing, and reviewing recipes.
How Food Works
Food section of Marshall Brain's informative How Stuff Works Web site. Provides clear, detailed explanations of the inner workings of food.
Recipe aggregator that ranks and rates recipes from tons of popular food sites, and then links to the recipes.
Recipe Source
A searchable archive of recipes organized by type of recipe.
Vegetarian Times
Companion site to the popular magazine.  Includes recipes, an Ask the Experts section, a blog, advice on ingredients, storage and kitchen tools, as well as other resources (like advice on what to include in your vegetarian starter kit!).

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