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Baby Names

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Learn about name origins and meanings and discover which are the most popular baby names worldwide.
Search baby names by meaning, name, origin and gender. Find the most popular names, celebrities' real names, or visit the "Cool Name Lists"  to find names from Shakespeare, soap operas, and the top pet names. 
More than 27,000 names are listed on this Web site. Each name's gender, origin, meaning, pronunciation, and variant forms are listed. Find out what your name really means, or see a listing of African or Arabic baby names.  
Behind the Name: the Etymology and History of First Names
Browse names by nationality or by category (Biblical, historical, mythological, or from popular culture), or click on the "All About Names" link for interesting articles about name meanings, pronunciations, and etymology.  Find out what famous people share your name or when your name day occurs.
Popular Baby Names - Social Security Administration
The Social Security Administration maintains this Web site, which gives the most popular baby names in the United States, by decade, from 1880 to the present. It also includes the top five names by state for the past 28 years. 
Think Baby Names
This user-friendly database provides the meanings, spelling, and, in many cases, the pronunciation of thousands of baby names.  Foreign and unusual names are listed, too.

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