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Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy is a name given to the new kinds of commercial and social activity made possible by technology and the Internet. The sites listed here are examples of how organizations are using the Internet to find and engage with customers, donors and collaborators in new ways.

In the Sharing Economy, artists and producers fund projects with small donations from their fans and followers. Charities raise money by enabling individual fundraisers to make personal appeals to family and friends. Owners pass gently-used goods that they no longer need to a second owner, and travelers find accommodation or rides.     

These companies in the Sharing Economy use technology to connect customers to services, donors to charities, and patrons to the arts. 
Foundation Center Collaboration Database
Search for collaborations and consolidation among non-profit organizations.
Leveraging technology to allow people to pass along items that they no longer want or need.
Crowdfunding website for a wide range of projects, including business and social justice.
Just Giving
An example of peer-to-peer fundraising. Allows a fundraiser to make a personal appeal for support.
Crowdfunding website for artists, musicians, and creative projects.
Focuses on businesses that are finding a niche in the sharing economy.
Mesh Baltimore
Sponsors classes and Skillshare events where professionals pass on the secrets of their craft.
Pioneers of the Share Economy
From Forbes Magazine, photo-profiles of 13 key corporations in the new sharing economy.
News articles, project ideas, and how-to information to help you enter the sharing economy.
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