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Use as a means to make better financial decisions, such as choosing a better rated mortgage or CD, investments or retirement planning. This Web site also contains an excellent and broad array of articles on personal finance as well as how-to guides on financial-related topics.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is the agency responsible for insuring deposits in banks and thrift institutions. All sorts of banking information is located here, from banking tips, real estate sales, to about obtaining a lien release and consumer financial rights information. Industry information, regulation information and banking regulation is also available.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
This brochure, from the Federal Reserve of San Francisco, explains the types of accounts banks offer and Web sites for finding additional information.
Federal Reserve Board: Choosing a Credit Card
This Web site is produced by the Federal Reserve Board and contains concise explanations about credit cards and terms related to credit cards such as APR, finance charge and variable-rate. This site answers questions for people new to credit cards and people who already have credit cards. Specific topics include: what are APRs, types of cards, what are liability limits, and what to do about billing errors.
Federal Reserve Board: Consumer Information
The Federal Reserve Board, part of the U.S. central bank, provides information on a variety of banking and economic topics. A list of useful topics consumers are often interested in are: bank accounts, consumer credit, leasing, mortgages, identity theft, and types of home equity.
How Stuff Works - Banks
Learn about the types of banks, how they make money, and what different kinds of accounts are available to the consumer. Be sure to follow the useful links offered by this Howstuffworks article to find even more additional information.
How Stuff Works - Credit Cards
Use this article to find information pertaining to the meaning of credit card numbers, the history of credit cards and how to benefit from using credit cards without getting into troublesome debt.


North American Financial Institutions Directory

North American Financial Institutions Directory 

This book lists banks by state then by city. Useful for people who need local U. S. banks when traveling, when moving or for business.
Call Number: XHG2431.P6Q
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World Bank Directory: Worldwide Coverage With 1,000 U. S. Banks

World Bank Directory: Worldwide Coverage With 1,000 U. S. Banks 

This book lists banks by country, then by city. Useful for people who need to locate local foreign bank information when traveling, when moving or for overseas business.
Call Number: XHG1536.P633Q
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