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Archival and Stock Footage Resources

Looking for stock footage for research, licensing or screening purposes? Try these resources.


BBC Motion Gallery 
This site offers new features and content, including production-ready royalty-free footage you can preview, purchase and download immediately.

CNN ImageSource 
This is a footage collection of 400,000+ items owned by CNN and material from sources CNN represents, which at present are over 700 U.S. news affiliates and the French news agency AFP. The archive holds more than just news footage, including science, technology, medical, travel, and entertainment videos. CNN ImageSource has embarked on an ambitious digitization project.  Much of the collection from January, 2006 onward is in digital form, and CNN ImageSource plans to digitize its older material in the next few years. CNN ImageSource does not offer personal viewing services; this is a business-to-business enterprise.

FILM Archives 
FILM Archives Inc. offers a comprehensive collection of contemporary and vintage images. This includes over 100 years of film images, nearly two decades of news video (1986 to present) from Cablevision's award winning News 12 Long Island, and exclusive representation of the British government film library. - The Stock, Archival & News Footage Network 
Since 1994, has been the premiere stock footage resource to reach the trade's best stock footage sources - news, creative, archival, and RF. Now find better content faster than ever before. This site enables you to perform global searches for footage sources who have what you need, send "zap requests" to over 50 of the world's largest footage sources, create clipboards to add footage you want to save, and view demo reels from a number of stock footage producers.

Footage Farm USA
Footage farm USA provides affordable, high-quality archival and stock footage to filmmakers and researchers around the world, as well as free research by trained staff and online research tools. Their collection encompasses everything from early film rarities to Hollywood features, newsreels of major international events and important eras (World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, the Cold War, and the Civil Rights movement), Americana, daily life around the world, arts and industries, as well as educational and mental hygiene films.

Getty Images - Film 
Getty Images provides communication professionals with an indispensable resource for searching, purchasing and downloading royalty-free and rights-managed images. From still to film imagery, Getty Images hosts a wide range of innovative, world-class collections, all in one convenient site.

HBO Archives 
This business-to-business enterprise offers HBO programming footage (including HBO Sports)  for licensing in projects. HBO Archives also owns the Academy Award-winning newsreel collection The March of Time , which has been digitally restored from Time, Inc.'s 35mm film prints.

Historic Films Stock Footage Library 
Historic Films Stock Footage Library
is a comprehensive film clip archive; dedicated to providing image licensing, copyright clearances and access to clients purchasing stock footage for film or television broadcast and all other types of productions, including corporate videos, web-based presentations, museum installations and educational & industrial productions.

Library of Congress Film and Video Collections
The Library began collecting motion pictures in 1942; from 1949 on these included films made for television. The Library's collection also includes the Early Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies.

McDonald & Associates 
This site's holdings consist of public domain titles and films that remain protected through copyrights. While Public Domain footage can be licensed immediately by MacDonald & Associates, protected films must be cleared with the copyright holder before being used in a new production.

Moving Image Archive 
The Moving Images Archive is part of the Internet Archives site ( This free, open-source collection provides easy access to thousands of digitized archival films ranging from classic full-length movies to daily alternative news broadcasts and user-uploaded videos of every genre. The site encourages widespread use of moving images in new contexts by people who might not have used them before. Of particular value are the collection's ephemeral films,  which are non-fiction films usually made for educational, industrial, or promotional purposes. The two classic ephemeral film collections found on the Archive are the Prelinger Archives and AV Geeks.

WGBH Stock Sales 
This site offers research services and streaming video clips from the best of WGBH's public television programming.

WPA Film Library 
The WPA Film Library, founded by independent producers in 1987, began as a repository of archival and contemporary stock footage for documentaries. In 1989, the company merged with the MPI Media Group, one of the country’s oldest independent home video labels and the producer of hundreds of documentaries. Since its inception, the WPA Film Library has grown into one of the world’s leading footage sources, offering tens of thousands of hours of high quality, vintage and contemporary images, and a leading online stock footage resource. Collection strengths include the its music collections, British Pathe Newsreel Collection, public television WETA archives, and the 1950s Americana color stock collection.


The Fabulous Sixties
This seven-volume series contains archival footage of the people and world events that characterized this decade. Each tape is time-code (enabling you to fast forward to the exact scene/event you want to watch) and lasts approximately 45-47 minutes.
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Images of the Eighties
ABC News video recaps significant historical events of the people, places and events of the 1980's.
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The Sensational Seventies
This eight-volume video series, also available as a DVD, contains archival footage of the people and world events that characterized this decade. Each video tape is time-coded (enabling you to fast forward to the exact scene/event you want to watch) and lasts approximately 48 minutes.
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The Universal Video Yearbook Reference Library 
This 41-volume video series covering the years 1931-1960 presents newsreel stories from archival footage that brings to life the sights, sounds and emotions of each year. Each tape is approximately 60 minutes.
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 Footage Sourcebook   Footage: The Worldwide Moving Images Sourcebook
(New York, N.Y. : Second Line Search Inc., 1997)
Call Number: XPN1993.4.F66 1997Q

This reference book provides detailed descriptions of 3,000 moving image sources and all the steps necessary to research, screen and license footage. Footage is not limited to expensive stock footage libraries; it contains numerous listings of affordable and even free footage from government and public domain sources.
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