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John Pendleton Kennedy Papers


 Item   Title   Roll # 
 1  Journal, October 5, 1829 - December 17, 1839.  I
 2  Journal, April 14, 1829 - October 3, 1832. Also includes notes on the Scenery and personalities at Bath, Virginia, and occasional jottings. Two pencil sketches.  I
 3  Tour to the White Mountains, 1833. July 28 - August 31, 1833.  I
 4  Trip to Richmond with Louis McLane and Spear Nicholas on the affairs of the Rail Road, March, 1838.  I
 5  Journal, December 14, 1839 - April 10, 1847.  I
 6  Journal of Travel in Canada, May 26 - July 10, 1847. Plus a separate journal of expenses.  I
 7  Journals, April 11, 1847 - September 21, 1869. In fifteen volumes, listed as items 7a - 7o.  I-IV

 Vol. 1, April 11 - December 31, 1847.

 7b  Vol. 2, January 1 - October 25, 1848.  I
 7c  Vol. 3, October 26, 1848 - March 18, 1850.  I
 7d  Vol. 4, March 19 - November 18, 1850.  I
 7e  Vol. 5, November 19, 1850 - July 14, 1851.  II
 7f  Vol. 6, July 14, 1851 - May 31, 1852.  II
 7g  Vol. 7, June 1, 1852 - July 17, 1853.  II
 7h  Vol. 8, July 18, 1853 - June 30, 1854.  II
 7i  Vol. 9, July 1, 1854 - July 31, 1855.  III
 7j  Vol. 10, August 1, 1855 - March 14, 1857.  III
 7k  Vol. 11, March 15, 1857 - December 6, 1859.  III
 7l  Vol. 12, December 7, 1859 - September 9, 1861.  III
 7m  Vol. 13, September 10, 1861 - June 23, 1863.  IV
 7n  Vol. 14, June 24, 1863 - November 28, 1864.  IV
 7o  Vol. 15, November 29, 1864 - September 21, 1869.  IV
 8  Journal and Notes (in three parts).  IV
 8a  Journal Northward from August 1, 1848 to September 9, [1848]; pp. 1-71.  IV
 8b  [Journey and visit to Berkeley Springs, Virginia, August 7 - September 3, 1849], pp. 73-80.  IV
 8c  Notes and Hints, pp. 81, [new pagination] 1-283.  IV
 9  Journal of Travel in England and on the Continent, Voyage, &c. From May 10, 1856 to October 20, 1856.  IV
 10  Journals  V
 10a  Extracts from a Journal made on a Voyage from New York to Liverpool on board the Persia, May 1856. Pp. 1-74.  V
 10b  [Journal of a Tour of Europe, 1857, in the form of four letters written to Robert C. Winthrop?]. Pp. 1-126.  V
 10c  Loose pages, many of which are missing, of what was apparently the original journal from which [a] above was rewritten.  V
 11  Journal of a Tour in Europe beginning in August 1857 ending October 1858. 3 Volumes.   V
 11a  Vol. 1, August 8, 1857 - April 5, 1858.  V
 11b  Vol. 2, April 6 - June 19, 1858.  V
 11c  Vol. 3, June 20 - November 2, 1858.  V
 12  Journal of a Visit to Cuba, November 28, 1865 to April 8, 1866  V
 13  Journal of a Trip to Europe. 7 Volumes. June 27, 1866 - October 17, 1868.  V-VI
 13a  Vol. 1, June 27 - November 19, 1866.  V
 13b  Vol. 2, November 20, 1866 - March 16, 1867.  V
 13c  Vol. 3, March 17 - May 8, 1867.  V
 13d  Vol. 4, May 11 - July 27, 1867.  V
 13e  Vol. 5, July 28 - December 25, 1867.  VI
 13f  Vol. 6, January 1 - May 19 [18], 1868.  VI
 13g  Vol. 7, May 19 - October 17, 1868.  VI
 14  Letters of John P. Kennedy to His Mother and His Uncle P[hilip] C. Pendleton, [1826 - 1863]. [Chronologically arranged, with calendar.]  VI
 15  Letters of John P. Kennedy to Elizabeth, his wife. 5 Volumes. July 23, 1828 - September 30, 1863.  VI-VIII
 15a  Vol. 1, July 23, 1828 - December 12, 1834.  through 1833, VI; VII
 15b  Vol. 2, January 14, 1835 - July 17, 1843.  VII
 15c  Vol. 3, [July 18, 1843] - September 10, 1853.  VII
 15d  Vol. 4, April 14, 1848 - September 6, 1855.  through 1851, VII; VIII
 15e  Vol. 5, March 2, 1854 - September 30, 1863.  VIII
 16  Letters of John Pendleton Kennedy, 1846 - 1870. 6 Volumes. [In press copy. Index.]  VIII-XII
 16a  Vol. 1, November 26, 1846 - November 26, 1849.  VIII
 16b  Vol. 2, November 28, 1849 - December 20, 1851  through 1849, VIII; IX
 16c  Vol. 3, December 22, 1851 - May 19, 1853.  through March 1852, IX; X
 16d  Vol. 4, May 19, 1853 - November 5, 1855.  X
 16e  Vol. 5, November 14, 1855 - June 11, 1859.  XI
 16f  Vol. 6, September 19, 1859 - May 15, 1870.  through 1864, XI; XII
 17  Letters from Schoolfellows, Fellow Students, and Early Friends, 1812 - 32. [Not arranged in strict chronological order. Includes several letters from John Pendleton Kennedy.]  XII
 18  Letters addressed to John Pendleton Kennedy, Miscellaneous. [Typed index.]  XII
 19  Letters to John Pendleton Kennedy. 17 Volumes. [Alphabetically arranged. Author index.]  XII-XVIII
 19a  Vol. 1, Abbot - Brown.  XII
 19b  Vol. 2, George S. Bryan, 1834 - 70.  XIII
 19c  Vol. 3, Buchanan - Darlington.  XIII
 19d  Vol. 4, C. A. Davis, 1838 - 66.  through Sept. 8, 1863, XIII; XIV
 19e  Vol. 5, C. H. Davis - Figanieré.  XIV
 19f  Vol. 6, Fillmore - Granger.  XIV
 19g  Vol. 7, Graves - P. M. Irving.  through D. Hoffman, XIV; XV
 19h  Vol. 8, W. Irving - Lanman  XV
 19i  Vol. 9, Lasteyrie - Moffatt.  XV
 19j  Vol. 10, Montclair - Perkins.  through G. Peabody, XV; XVI
 19k  Vol. 11, Perry - N. H. Schenck.  XVI
 19l  Vol. 12, R. C. Schenck - Thayer.  XVI
 19m  Vol. 13, Thiers - Wilson.  through M. F. Tupper, XVI; XVII
 19n  Vol. 14, R. C. Winthrop, 1841 - 47.  XVII
 19o  Vol. 15, R. C. Winthrop, 1848 - 53.  XVII
 19p  Vol. 16, R. C. Winthrop, 1854 - 63.  through Oct. 27, 1859, XVII; XVIII
 19q  Vol. 17, R. C. Winthrop, 1864 - 70; R. C. Winthrop, Jr. - Zabriska.  XVIII
 20  Letters, correspondence with publishers, 1832 - 51.  XVIII
 21  Letters of publishers relating to works published, accounts, &c.  through August 12, 1857, XVIII; XIX
 22  Letters, 1880 - 98, concerned with the Peabody Institute, of which Kennedy was the second president of the board of trustees.  XIX
 23  Autobiography of John Pendleton Kennedy. [Incomplete, ends after the Battle of Bladensburg, 1814.]  XIX
 24  Exuvio [selections] of the Biography of Wirt. [Misc. pages, not necessarily in correct order.]  XIX
 25  Manuscript of The Border States, Their Power and Duty in the Present Disordered Condition of the Country.  XIX
 26  Catalogue of the library of John Pendleton Kennedy.  XIX
 27  Defense of The Whigs and other papers, in manuscript.  XIX
 27a  Defense of The Whigs. By a Member of the Twenty Seventh Congress.  XIX
 27b  Defense of The Whigs. Part the Second. The Whig Party. Its Disappointment, its Retribution, its Hopes.  XIX
 27c  Some Passages in the Life of William Thom. A Lecture delivered Feb.. 4, 1846, for the benefit of the Library of the Asbury Sabbath School.  XIX
 27d  Letter to the Legislature of Maryland on our claim against the Government of the U. S. for Construction of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.  XIX
 27e  Whig Central Committee Address, June, 1853.  XIX
 28  "Ego." Newspaper clippings by and about Kennedy. Also political items, reviews of his books, etc.  XXV
 29  Extracts and Quotations [Shelley, Marlowe, Coleridge, Shakespeare, and the Bible, etc.]. Laid in: S. A. Dickinson's "Our Country," "State Sovereignty."  XX
 30  Autobiographical Fragments and Other Writing.  XX

 1. "A Fragment of Biography. Written about 1825."

 2. "An unfinished chapter of autobiography."

 30b  "Notes of a Speech delivered in the House of Representatives Feb.. 1843. On the Reciprocity Treaties."  XX
 30c  "The Policy of Government in Reference to the Interests of Industry. Altered into an Essay, from my address before The American Institute.  XX
 31  "Hints and Notes for some Essays I mean to Write. J. P. Kennedy, 1854."  XX
 32  Hints, &c. Miscellaneous ideas and notes for stories and essays. In no particular order.  XX
 33  Manuscript of Horse-Shoe Robinson. A Tale of the Tory Ascendency. In 2 volumes. Vol. 2 has a laid in frontispiece, a watercolor of Horse-Shoe Robinson by John H. B. Latrobe. The MS is complete, although the pagination is often in error.  XX
 34  Manuscript of Memoirs of the Life of William Wirt. In 2 volumes. Pagination often in error, but volumes are complete.  XXI
 35  Manuscript Notes, Sketches, and Drafts, for Horse-Shoe Robinson, Quodlibet, Rob of the Bowl. Pagination in complete and inconsistent.  XXI
 36   Miscellanies, Political and Literary. Half-title and blank sheets only.   XXII 
 37    Manuscript notes, chapters, etc. of Mr. Ambrose, His Experience, Opinions, and Philosophy. Pagination incomplete and sometimes the order of the papers is unknown.  XXII
 38  Monday Club. Private Journal of certain public events. March 18, 1835 - October 26, 1840. Also filmed is a transcription of the above, printed in the Maryland Historical Magazine 49 (December, 1954), 301-313, intro. by William D. Hoyt, Jr.  XXII
 39  My Books [An unfinished classification of Kennedy's library under three headings: memory, judgment, and imagination.]  XXII
 40  "My Notebook for Scraps and Thoughts." [Manuscript notes on Wirt, Calvert, religion, misc. topics.] Unpaged.  XII
 41  Newspaper clippings: political affairs, including Kennedy's "Letter on Potomac Navigation;" reviews of his novels; misc. articles by and about Kennedy.  XXV
 42  Notes and Queries. [Begins February 3, 1864; largely political: state sovereignty, states' rights.]  XXII
 43  Notes: definitions of words with illustrations and examples from literature. [Obviously never completed with blank pages which are, of course, not filmed.]


 44  "Notes for a Lecture on the History of George Talbot. Finally written out in the story called 'A Legend of Maryland' and published in The Atlantic Monthly, Boston, in July & August, 1862 [1860].  XXII
 45  Notes for Speeches in the House of Representatives.  XXII
 45a  Notes of a Speech on McKay's Anti Protective bill, 1844.  XXII
 45b  Character of the Bill of The Committee of Ways & Means.  XXII
 45c  Henry A. Wise  XXII
 45d  The Exploring Expedition  XXII
 45e  H. R. 481. The Tonnage Bill.  XXII
 45f  Light House Bill.  XXII
 45g  Revenue, 2nd Session, 27 Congress.  XXII
 45h  Notes for a Speech on the History [of] The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal [laid in: A Maryland Resolution and Congressional Bill.]  XXII
 45i  Bill relating to the Presidential election.  XXII
 45j  Fiscal Agent, 2nd session, 27 Congress.  XXII
 45k  [On the Presidential election of 1844 and the annexation of Texas.]  XXII
 45l  Notes of Debates in the House of Representatives.  XXII
 45m  Votes of Censure: J. Q. Adams' resolution to dissolve the union.  XXII
 45n  [On the repeal of the Bankruptcy law.]  XXII
 45o  [On the sectional controversy.]  XXII
 45p  Misc. notes.  XXII
 46  Notes Historical and Political, 1853.  XXII
 47  Notes for and on the Italian Journey, 1865. [Notes written from both ends of the book, with several blank pages in the middle.]  XXII
 48  Notes on the State of Parties: "Sam's Letters to his Kinsfolk."  XXII
 49  Notes: thoughts, illustrations, epigrams from various sources.  XXII
 50  Fragments of an essay, "Progress."  XXII
 51  Manuscript of Quodlibet.  XXII
 52  Quotations, prose and verse. Collected from various sources. [Two poems laid in at the end of the volume.]  XXIII
 53  Manuscript of Rob of the Bowl: A Legend of St. Inigoe's. In 2 volumes.  XXIII
 54  Scrapbook, composed of articles by Kennedy written under the pseudonym of Paul Ambrose, published in the National Intelligencer. Plus misc. clippings on slavery, politics, secession, and reviews of Mr. Ambrose's letters.  XXV
 55  Speeches & Notes.  XXIII
 55a  [On the Democratic and Whig Parties, 1844.]  XXIII
 55b  Humbugs.  XXIII
 55c  On Clay, etc.  XXIII
 55d  [untitled political speech.]  XXIII
 55e  "To the friends of Harrison & Tyler in the State of Maryland."  XXIII
 55f  "Spoken at the dinner to Bell & Webster, New York, Nov. 28, 1837."  XXIII
 55g  Burns Club Dinner, 1859.  XXIII
 55h  Webster dinner in Philadelphia, 1846.  XXIII
 55i  Cincinnati dinner, Society of The Cincinnati, Baltimore.  XXIII
 55j  "Speech in the Canvass of 1844 between Polk & Clay."  XXIII
 55k  Harrison Canvass [two speeches].  XXIII
 55l  Canvass of Clay & Polk, 1844.  XXIII
 55m  Reciprocity Treaties.  XXIII
 55n  Texas: Notes for a Speech delivered in The House of Representatives, January 11, 1845.  XXIII
 55o  "Texas."  XXIII
 55p  [On Henry Clay's Career and Character.]  XXIII
 55q  "The enthusiasm of New York for Harry of the West."  XXIII
 55r  "Harry of the West."  XXIII
 55s  [On slavery and slaveholders.]  XXIII
 55t  [On secession.]  XXIII
 55u  "The Ware House bill."  XXIII
 55v  "Bozman's Maryland."  XXIII
 55w  Miscellaneous: (1) literary; (2) political; (3) letters.  XXIII
 56  Manuscript of Swallow Barn. In 2 volumes. Some loose pages of early drafts, notes, etc are laid in the beginning of vol. 1.  XXIV
 57  Thoughts on the Gospel.  XXIV
 58  Essays and Notes: Political, Historical, Topical. Many are fragments, unnumbered pages, etc.  XXIV

 Slavery as regarded by The Constitution and its founders.

 58b  The Fate of Slavery: War the great Abolitionist.  XXIV
 58c  The power and resources of The Free and Slave States contrasted.  XXIV
 58d  Thoughts on the Rebellion as developed in 1861-62.  XXIV
 58e  The Great Drama [printed] and The Progress of The Great Drama.  XXIV
 58f  Notes for a few essays on the time (1861-62).  XXIV
 58g  Loose notes to be gathered up, reconsidered and expanded.  XXIV
 58h  Governor Johnson.  XXIV
 58i  Sketch of Tyler ... 1841.  XXIV
 58j  Mesmerism at a discount, 1843.  XXIV
 58k  Animal Magnetism.  XXIV
 58l  Nugd [?].  XXIV
 58m  Chronicles of Baltimore.  XXIV
 58n  Essays: Theological.  XXIV
 58o  Hints for Essays: Ethos, Ituriel.  XXIV
 58p  Biographical fragments.  XXIV
 58q  Miscellaneous fragments.  XXIV
 59  "The Whirligig of Time." [Misc. clippings laid in.]  XXIV
 60  [Kennedy's selection of his own works for publication in a complete edition. With several misc. clippings laid in. The final two pages are a transcription from a tablet on an Italian church.  XXIV
 61  Newspaper clippings on the banking controversy and financial issues, 1840. Some clippings were simply laid in the scrapbook.  XXV
 62  Newspaper clippings, largely political. Some loose clippings filmed separately at the end.  XXV
 63  Newspaper clippings: "The History of the doings of The Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road and how it came to pass that the Road was not made to Pittsburg." 1846-51.  XXV
 64  Newspaper clippings on the presidential canvass of 1840.  XXV
 65  Newspaper clippings: "The History of Tyler's betrayal of the Whig Party in 1841: The Whig Manifesto -- the defection of Mr. Webster, and the course of events which led to the publication of my 'Defense of The Whigs.' " The scrapbook concludes with misc. political clippings, and some loose clippings laid in.  XXV
 66  Newspaper clippings on politics, 1841. Some clippings are simply laid in.  XXV
 67  Newspaper clippings on politics, 1844.  XXV
 68  Recueil de journaux: clippings from English and French newspapers on various subjects, American and European. In 2 vols., vol. 1 is indexed.  XXV
 69  Scrapbook, "The Great Rebellion." Newspaper clippings on the Civil War.  XXV
 70  Scrapbook, "Notes of a Progress through the South by Millard Fillmore, Ex. President of the U. S. in the Spring of the Year 1854 in which he was accompanied by J. P. K." Newspaper clippings, letters, menus, etc.  XXV
 71  Memorabilia of the International Commission on Weights and Measures and Money, at the Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1867.  XXVI
 72  Notes on [the] Affairs of The Navy, Annual Report of [the] Secretary, 1852. Several essays on such topics as the Naval Academy, discipline of seamen, etc.  XXVI
 73  Miscellaneous materials relating to the Peabody Institute.  XXVI
 73a  Two letters composed by Kennedy for George Peabody.  XXVI
 73b  Preliminary planning for the Institute.  XXVI
 73c  Sketch of George Peabody, and notes on his life.  XXVI
 73d  Presentation of the Peabody prizes, 1859.  XXVI
 73e  Rough Report of The Committee of Organization, July 1860.  XXVI
 73f  Address of The President to the Board of Trustees on The Organization and Government of The Institute, February 12, 1870.  XXVI
 73g  Misc. letters written by Kennedy as president of the Peabody Board of Trustees.  XXVI
 74  Business Memoranda, 1846-70. In 2 vols.  XXVI
 74a  Vol. 1, February 4, 1846 - October 16, 1852.  XXVI
 74b  Vol. 2, Apr 19, 1853 - June 20, 1870.  XXVI
 75  Calling cards given and received by Kennedy while attending the Exposition Universelle in Paris, 1867. Also misc. envelopes.  XXVI
 76  Commissions, diplomas, honorary memberships, etc., arranged chronologically.  XXVI
 77  Miscellaneous Legal and Financial Papers. These are stuffed, with no discoverable order, in two accordion letter folders. They are filmed in their original disorder.  XXVI; part of second folder in roll XXVII
 78  Printed copy of Letter from George Peabody, Esq. To the Trustees for the Establishment of an Institute in the City of Baltimore, 1857.  XXVII
 79  The History of Grant's Defeat, signed "Thomas Church."  XXVII
 80  Scraps Literary and Political; Miscellaneous Papers.  XXVII
 80a  The Memorial of the Permanent Committee of The New York Convention of the Friends of Domestic Industry, January 22, 1833.   XXVII
 80b  Letter to Charles J. Ingersoll, Esq. from a Citizen of Maryland [Kennedy].  XXVII
 80c  Address opening the Fourth Annual Exhibition of The Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts.  XXVII
 80d  Annual Address to the Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts.  XXVII
 80e  An Address to the People of The United States on The Political Crisis of 1860.  XXVII
 80f  Address to the Baltimore Horticultural Society.  XXVII
 80g  Speech on the Protective Tariff.  XXVII
 80h  Notes for an Essay on Interest, July 1818.  XXVII
 80i  A Preface for Quodlibet, written for the second edition, 1860.  XXVII
 80j  "Slavery," 1857.  XXVII
 80k  Fragments or drafts of "Mr. Ambrose" letters.  XXVII
 80l  Two letters, one to Kennedy from J. Jones, and the other from Kennedy to Mrs. John Quincy Adams.  XXVII
 81  Minutes of the proceedings of The Permanent Committee of the New York Convention of the Friends of Domestic Industry, January 22, 1833.  XXVII
 82  Washington's genealogy [pedigree, coat of arms, and poem] sent to Kennedy by Martin Farquhar Tupper.  XXVII
 83  Last Will and Testament of John Pendleton Kennedy, with Two Codicils. Photostats.  XXVII
 [84]  Accession Book, Peabody Institute Library, listing the books received from J. P. Kennedy's personal library.  XXVII