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American Centennial Newspaper Collection

 The American Centennial Newspaper Collection was filmed by the New York Public Library in 1961. The Enoch Pratt Free Library owns the Maryland reel of the collection, which includes part of Massachusetts. The collection is located in the Baltimore City microfilm section of the Periodicals Department.

Issues on the reels are listed alphabetically by state, then city and finally by newspaper title. Baltimore City and Boston are exceptions to this rule. Even though they are listed correctly by state and city, the newspaper titles are not entirely in alphabetical order.




City  Newspaper Title  Date 
 Annapolis  Anne Arundel Advertiser  7/13/1876
 Annapolis  Maryland Gazette  7/11/1876
 Annapolis  Maryland Republican and State Capital Advertiser  7/8/1876
 Annapolis  Ploughman and Record  7/18/1876
 Baltimore City  Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser  7/6/1876
 Baltimore City  Baltimore Weekly American  7/8/1876
 Baltimore City  Baltimore Bulletin  7/8/1876
 Baltimore City  Baltimore Episcopal Methodist  7/8/1876
 Baltimore City  Baltimore Daily News  7/5/1876
 Baltimore City  Baltimore Sunday News  7/9/1876
 Baltimore City  Catholic Mirror  7/8/1876
 Baltimore City  Gazette  7/6/1876
 Baltimore City  Baltimore Weekly Gazette  7/8/1876
 Baltimore City  Taglicher Baltimore Wecker  7/5/1876
 Baltimore City  Wochenblatt de Baltimore  7/7/1876
 Baltimore City  Deutsche Correspondent  7/5/1876, 7/7/1876
 Baltimore City  Katholicsche Volkseitung  7/8/1876
 Baltimore City  Methodist Protestant  7/15/1876
 Baltimore City  Presbyterian Weekly  7/13/1876
 Baltimore City  Sun  7/5/1876
 Baltimore City  Baltimore Weekly Sun  7/8/1876
 Bel Air  Aegis and Intelligencer  7/7/1876
 Bel Air  Harford Democrat  7/7/1876
 Boonsboro  Boonsboro Old Fellow   5/18/1876, 7/6/1876
 Cambridge  Cambridge Chronicle   7/5/1876 
 Cambridge   Democrat and News   7/8/1876 
 Centreville   Centreville Observer   7/11/1876 
 Centreville   Centreville Record   7/6/1876 
 Centreville   Maryland Gazette   7/8/1876 
 Centreville   Maryland Times   7/22/1876 
 Chestertown   Chestertown Transcript   7/7/1876 
 Chestertown   Kent News   7/8/1876 
 Cumberland   Alleganian and Times   7/8/1876 
 Cumberland   Civilian  7/9/1876
 Cumberland  Cumberland Daily News  7/6/1876
 Denton  American Union  7/6/1876
 Denton  Denton Journal  7/8/1876
 Easton  Easton Gazette  7/8/1876
 Easton  Easton Ledger  7/6/1876
 Easton  Easton Star  7/11/1876
 Elkton  Cecil Democrat  7/8/1876
 Elkton  Cecil Whig  7/8/1876
 Ellicott City  American Progress  7/7/1876
 Ellicott City  Ellicott City Times  7/15/1876
 Frederick  Examiner  7/5/1876
 Frederick  Frederick Times   7/11/1876 
 Frederick   Maryland Union  7/6/1876
 Frederick  Republican Citizen  7/7/1876
 Frostburg  Frostburg Mining Journal  7/15/1876
 Hagerstown  Daily News  7/4/1876
 Hagerstown  Hagerstown Mail  7/7/1876
 Hagerstown  Herald and Torchlight  7/5/1876
 Havre de Grace  Havre Republican  5/12/1876
 Leonardtown  St. Mary's Beacon  7/6/1876
 Libertytown  Banner of Liberty  7/7/1876
 Newton  Record and Gazette  7/8/1876
 Oakland  Garrett County Gazette  7/8/1876
 Oakland  Garrett County Herald  5/20/1876, 7/8/1876
 Port Tobacco  Port Tobacco Times  7/7/1876
 Powhaton and Calverton Heights  Baltimore County Press  7/8/1876
 Prince Frederick  Calvert Journal  7/8/1876
 Middletown  Valley Register  7/7/1876
 Princess Anne  Somerset Herald  7/11/1876
 Princess Anne  True Marylander  7/11/1876
 Rockville  Montgomery Advocate  6/8/1876
 St. Michael's  Comet and Advertiser  7/8/1876
 Salisbury  Eastern Shoreman  7/8/1876
 Salisbury  Salisbury Sentinel  7/11/1876
 Snowhill  Democratic Messenger  7/11/1876
 Towson  Baltimore County Herald  7/8/1876
 Towson  Baltimore County Union  7/8/1876
 Union Bridge  People's Voice  5/10/1876
 Upper Malboro  Malboro Gazette and Prince George's Advertiser  7/5/1876
 Upper Malboro  Prince Georgian  7/7/1876
 Westminster  American Sentinel  7/8/1876
 Westminster   Democratic Advocate   7/8/1876
 Williamsport  Williamsport Pilot  5/13/1876




 City   Newspaper Title   Date 
 Amesbury  Merrimac Journal  7/8/1876
 Amesbury  Villager  5/25/1876
 Arlington  Arlington Advocate  5/13/1876
 Ashland  Ashland Advertiser  7/7/1876
 Athol  Athol Transcript  7/11/1876
 Attleboro  Attleboro Advocate and Bristol County Advertiser  5/20/1876
 Barnstable  Barnstable Patriot  7/11/1876
 Barre  Barre Gazette  7/7/1876
 Beverly  Beverly Citizen  7/8/1876
 Boston  American Traveller  7/8/1876
 Boston  American Union  7/15/1876
 Boston  Banner of Light  7/8/1876
 Boston  Boston Daily Advertiser  7/4/1876 - 7/6/1876
 Boston  Boston Weekly Advertiser  7/6/1876
 Boston  Boston Beacon and Dorchester News Gatherer  7/8/1876
 Boston  Boston Courier  7/9/1876
 Boston  Boston Cultivator  7/8/1876
 Boston  Boston Daily Globe  7/6/1876
 Boston  Boston Weekly Globe  7/7/1876
 Boston  Boston Independent  5/12/1876
 Boston  Boston Home Journal  7/1/1876, 7/8/1876
 Boston  Boston Evening Journal  7/5/1876
 Boston  Boston Semi-Weekly Journal  7/7/1876
 Boston  Daily Evening Journal  7/5/1876
 Boston  Boston Weekly Journal  7/6/1876
 Boston  Boston Herald  7/6/1876
 Boston  Boston Investigator  7/5/1876
 Boston  Boston Journal of Commerce  7/15/1876
 Boston  Boston People's Ledger  7/8/1876
 Boston  Boston Post  7/6/1876
 Boston  Boston Press and Post Semi-Weekly  7/6/1876
 Boston  Boston Statesman and Weekly Post  7/7/1876
 Boston  Boston Times  7/9/1876
 Boston  Boston Evening Transcript  7/5/1876
 Boston  Boston Weekly Transcript  7/11/1876
 Boston  Christian Register  7/8/1876
 Boston  Commercial Bulletin  7/8/1876
 Boston  Commerce and Shipping List  7/15/1876
 Boston  Commonwealth  7/8/1876
 Boston  Congregationist  7/5/1876
 Boston  Golden Rule  7/5/1876
 Boston  Harry Hazel's Yankee Black  7/8/1876
 Boston  Home Circle  7/15/1876
 Boston  Illustrated Home Guest  July 1876 (Monthly)
 Boston  Massachusetts Ploughman  7/8/1876
 Boston  Mystic Journal  May 1876 (Monthly)
 Boston  New England Farmer  7/8/1876
 Boston  Patent Star and Journal of Progressive Industry  July 1876 (Monthly)
 Boston  Pilot  7/8/1876
 Boston  Pionier  7/5/1876
 Boston  Saturday Evening Express  7/8/1876
 Boston  Temperance Album  7/15/1876