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Department Key

AFAM = African American Department 
BST = Business, Science, & Technology Department 
CHLD = Children's Department
DOCS = Government Documents Department
FAR = Fine Arts and Recreation Department
HUM = Humanities Department 
PER = Periodicals Department
SSH = Social Science and History Department


Subject Name of Index Dates indexed Department
African American Interest Black Index: Afro-Americana in Selected Periodicals 1907-1949 AFAM
  Index to Selected Periodicals, Decennial Cumulation 1950-1959 PER
  Index to Selected Periodicals 1960-1965 AFAM
  Index to Periodical Articles by and about Negroes 1965-1969
  Index to Periodical Articles by and about Blacks 1973-1983 PER
  Index to Black Periodicals 1984-1998 PER
  G.K. Hall Index to Black Periodicals 1999-2003 PER
Architecture Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals 1963-1997 FAR
Art Art Index 1929-1993 PER
  Index to Art Periodicals 1910-1974 PER
  Repertoire d'Art et Archeologie 1965-1987 FAR
  Repertoire International de la Litterature de l'Art: RILA 1975-1989 PER
  Graphic Arts Literature Abstracts 1973-1991 PER
  Graphic Arts Bulletin 1992-1997 PER
Biography Biography Index      1946-2011 PER
  Current Biography 1940-present SSH
Book Reviews Book Review Digest 1905-present PER
  Book Review Index 1965-present PER
  Current Book Review Citations 1976-1982 PER
  Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities Journals 1802-1974 HUM
  Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals 1886-1974 HUM
  Index to Book Reviews in Historical Periodicals 1972-1977 SSH
  Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index 1974-1984 HUM
Business Industrial Arts Index 1913-1957 PER
  Business Periodicals Index 1958-1996 PER
  Predicast's F&S Index of Corporate Change 1974-1989 PER
  Predicast's F&S Index of Corporations and Industries 1978-1990, 1997 PER
Child Development Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography 1929-1990      PER
Children's Magazine Content Children's Magazine Guide 1996-present CHLD
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Periodicals Index 1986-1997 PER
Dance Guide to Dance Periodicals 1931-1962 PER
Education Education Index 1929-2004 PER
  Current Index to Journals in Education 1969-1993 PER
  Exceptional Child Education Abstracts 1970-1977 PER
  Exceptional Child Education Resources 1977-2002 PER
  Index of Periodical Literature on Testing 1921-1936 SSH
Film Film Literature Index 1973-2004 PER
  Retrospective Index to Film Periodicals 1930-1971 HUM
  Critical Index: A Bibliography of Articles on Film in English 1946-1973 HUM
  New Film Index: A Bibliography of Magazine Articles in English 1930-1970 HUM
  International Index to Film Periodicals 1972-2008 HUM
  Film Review Index 1882-1985 HUM
Foreign & International Content International Index to Periodicals 1907-1955 PER
  International Index to Social Sciences and Humanities 1955-1965 PER
  Subject Index to Periodicals (British) 1917-1961 PER
  British Humanities Index 1962-1993 PER
  Canadian Periodical Index 1938-1999 PER
  French Periodical Index 1973-1981 PER
  Index to South African Periodicals 1940-1985 PER
Free Content Index to Free Periodicals 1977-1993 PER
Government Produced Content Monthly Catalog of U.S. Public Documents 1929-1941 DOCS
  Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications 1942-1993 DOCS
  Index to U.S. Government Periodicals 1970-1987 DOCS
  Index to Current Urban Documents 1973-1992 PER
  United Nations Documents Index 1950-1973 PER
  UNDEX: United Nations Documents Index 1974-1978 PER
  UNDOC Current Index: United Nations Documents Index 1979-1992 PER
History Historical Abstracts 1955-1995 PER
  America: History and Life 1964-1995 PER
  C.R.I.S.: The Combined Retrospective Index Set to Journals in History 1838-1974 SSH
How To Index to How to Do It Information 1963-1989 PER
Humanities Humanities Index



  British Humanities Index 1962-1993 PER
  International Index to Social Sciences and Humanties 1955-1965 PER
  Social Sciences and Humanities Index 1965-1974 PER
Labor Index to Labor Articles 1926-1953 PER
Law Index to Legal Periodicals 1926-1988 PER
  Current Law Index 1988-1998 PER
Library Science Library Literature 1933-2011 HUM
  Library Science Abstracts 1950-1968 PER
  Library & Information Science Abstracts 1969-2000 PER
  Information Science Abstracts 1969-2000 PER
Literature and Criticism MLA International Bibliography 1921-2007 HUM
  Literary Index to American Magazines 1815-1865 HUM
  Comprehensive Index to English Language Little Magazines 1890-1970 HUM
  Index to American Little Magazines 1920-1939 PER
  Index to Little Magazines 1940-1967 PER
  Index to Commonwealth Little Magazines 1968-1969 PER
Middle East Studies Middle East, Abstracts and Index 1980-1992 PER
Military Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals 1949-1955; 1987 DOCS
Music Music Index 1951-1999 PER
  RILM Abstracts 1967-1978 PER
Popular Magazine Content Reader's Guide To Periodical Literature 1880-present PER
  Popular Periodical Index 1973-1990 PER
  Access 1975-2009 PER
  Alternative Press Index 1969-2013 PER
  Cover Story Index 1960-1991 PER
  Poole's Index to Periodical Literature 1802-1906 PER
  Cumulated Author Index for Poole's 1802-1906 PER
  Annual Library Index 1893-1907 PER
  Annual Magazine Subject Index 1908-1949 PER
  Cumulated Magazine Subject Index 1907-1949 PER
Psychology Psychological Abstracts 1927-1993 PER
Public Policy PAIS Bulletin 1915-1990 PER
  PAIS International in Print 1991-1995 PER
Religion Guide to Religious Periodicals 1964-1965 PER
  Guide to Religious and Semi-Religious Periodicals 1965-1968 PER
  Guide to Social Science and Religion in Periodical Literature 1970-1971, 1975-1980 PER
  Catholic Periodical Index 1930-1966 PER
  Catholic Periodical and Literature Index 1967-2001 PER
  Index to Jewish Periodicals 1963-present      SSH
Science & Technology General Science Index 1978-1996 PER
  Agricultural Index 1916-1964 PER
  Biological and Agricultural Index 1964-1996 PER
  Industrial Arts Index 1913-1957 PER
  Applied Science & Technology Index 1958-1996 PER
Social Science & Social Work C.R.I.S.: The Combined Retrospective Index Set to Journals in Political Science 1886-1974 SSH
  C.R.I.S.: The Combined Retrospective Index Set to Journals in Sociology 1895-1974 SSH
  Social Science Abstracts 1929-1932 PER
  International Index to Social Sciences and Humanities 1955-1965 PER
  Social Sciences and Humanities Index 1965-1974 PER
  Social Sciences Index 1974-1995 PER
  Sociological Abstracts 1952-1992 PER
  Abstracts for Social Workers 1968-1977 PER
  Social Work Research and Abstracts 1977-1993 PER
  Social Work Abstracts 1994-2009 PER
  Abstracts in Social Gerontology 1990-1992 PER
Sports & Physical Education Physical Education Index 1978-1997 PER
Theater New York Theatre Critics' Reviews 1948-1994 PER
  National Theatre Critics' Reviews 1995-1996 PER
  Index to Plays in Periodicals 1971-1987 HUM
  European Drama Criticism 1900-1975 HUM
Women's Studies Women Studies Abstracts 1975-2009 PER