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The people of New York did well by the soldiers in aiding them to celebrate the day with the proper spirit and the customary observances.

Cecil Whig (Elkton), November 26, 1864, p.2

We have already announced that n Prince George's county, Maryland, a number of farmers have united...

Baltimore Sun, November 19, 1864, p.1.

It is stated that the rebel citizens took control of the polls in Woodsboroh, in this county...

Valley Register (Middletown), November 11, 1864, p.2.

The Washington Chronicle intimates that the government is still willing to compensate Marylanders whose slaves have been emancipated by the new constitution...

Baltimore Sun, November 3, 1864, p.2

The Mayor addressed the following communications to the city council last evening..

Baltimore Sun, November 1, 1864, p.1