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A few days since we had occasion to visit the Ancient Capital, the first time we have passed over the road since the country put on the trappings of war. At the depot there were soldiers, in the cars soldiers, soldiers everywhere. As we steam out of Baltimore....

The Baltimore County Advocate (Towsontown), November 30, 1861, p. 2.

On Sabbath morning last, the Rev. Mr. Mitchell, pastor of the Episcopal Church of Elkton, was arrested by Capt. Ricketts....
The Cecil Whig (Elkton), November 16, 1861, p.2.
It will be seen from the returns that we publish to-day that the Union Ticket in our county, has been elected....The very small majorities given for the successful candidates indicate that Secession is rampant in Anne Arundel.

The Annapolis Gazette, November 7, 1861, p. 2.