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E Collection: Scrapbooks of Clipping Service

E Collection Scrapbooks from Clipping Service

H. L. Mencken began to subscribe to a clipping service in 1903, when he was twenty-three years old. This service collected all mention of Mencken's name in newspapers and magazines.

This collection has grown to 170 volumes, is arranged chronologically, and contains the commentary on Mencken’s life and work including:

  • Coverage of the Scopes Trial in 1925
  • His battle against censorship during the “Hatrack Case” in 1926.
  • His marriage in 1935 to Sara Haardt, which received national press coverage. 

This is a wealth of well-organized material that greatly facilitates research, and which at the time of this writing (2013) stretches for 110 years.

Scrapbook Inventory - Includes Volume number and dates.