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16mm Baltimore Film Festival films

About That Time (1973)
dir. Steve Brand

This humorous sensitive film was first prize winner of the Baltimore Film Festival, 1974. "I am 22 years old and still don't know what to do with my life," a young film maker keeps saying as he tries to find his raison d'etre. He wants to make films to communicate (just what he is not sure). He finds himself at odds with his parents because he won't fit the established norm of adult life, with his professor because he won't fit the teacher's concept of creativity, and with his girl friend because she does not understand his urge to be creative. (Steve Brand, USA, 1973, 21 minutes, 16mm)
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Love Letter To Edie (1975)
dir. Robert Maier

"I like being a star," says Edith Massey, in this tongue-in-cheek film "biography" which traces her life from a foster home, to a career as a B girl on the Block, a barmaid at Pete's Hotel in Fells Point, owner of the "Miss Edith's Shopping Bag" thrift shop and to the career which has made her famous across the U.S.--as the "glamorous" star of John Waters' underground films. Winner of the Baltimore Film Festival award, 1975. (Robert Maier, USA, 1975, 14 minutes, color, 16mm)
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No Lies (1973)
dir. Mitchell W. Block

The behavior and reactions of others toward rape victims are revealed in a dramatization done in the style of cinema verite. A young film maker, making a movie for his college class, follows a girl friend around her apartment as she prepares to go out. As the camera rolls, the young woman relates the problems she has had to face as a rape victim when she confronts the police, her doctor, her friends and her conscience. Winner of an award in the Baltimore Film Festival, 1974. Director, writer, Mitchell W. Block; photographer, Alec Hirschfeld. (Mitchell W. Block, USA, 1973, 18 minutes, color, 16mm)
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Peace Talks (1969)
dir. Chris Buchman, Jr. and Rex Schneider

While the dispute over the merits of square, round, oval, or crescent tables concerns diplomats in Paris, bombs continue falling on Vietnam. A cartoon satire on the ineffectiveness of the Vietnam Peace Talks in Paris. Created by Baltimore-based filmmakers Chris Buchman, Jr., and Rex Schneider. Buchman's Flower Mart (1965) and Dantini the Magnificent (1969) are also part of Pratt's 16mm film collection. Winner of a silver medal at the 1969 Atlanta International Film Festival. (Chris Buchman, Jr. and Rex Schneider, USA, 1969, 16mm)
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A Political Cartoon (1974)
dir. Joseph Adamson and Jim Morrow

Two young men--one a cartoonist and the other, a political entrepreneur--combine their talents to create the "Ideal Presidential Candidate," a cartoon character who moves in animation and speaks a form double-talk. Before this political adventure is concluded, the largest corporation in the world, some 1930's style gangsters and Bugs Bunny all become involved in the Ideal Presidential Candidate's schemes. An award winner, Baltimore Film Festival, 1974. (Joseph Adamson and Jim Morrow, USA, 1974, 22 minutes, color., 16mm)
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The Refrigerator (1983)
dir. Jonathan Sinaiko 

A comedy about a man who struggles with a refrigerator that is trying to run his life. Award winner, Baltimore International Film Festival, 1983. (Jonathan Sinaiko, USA, 1983, 32 minutes, 16mm)
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Swag (1974)
dir. Bruce Postman

A teen-aged boy has time only for his gang until he is attracted to an "older woman" who moves into his apartment building. Her interst in him temporarily sidetracks him from his street life, but an unpleasant encounter with her boyfriend sends him back to his friends. Winner of Baltimore Film Festival Award, 1975. (Bruce Postman, USA, 1975, 28 minutes, color, 16mm)
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Silverpoint (1974)
dir. Barbara Linkevitch

A psychological study of a estranged young woman dancer who experiences internal struggle over her dancing and her jealousy in relationship with other women. Uses a variety of avant garde film techniques to convey confusion and intensity of the woman's emotional conflict. Winner of Baltimore Film Festival Award, 1975. (Barbara Linkevitch, USA, 25 minutes, color, 16mm)
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The Wild Goose (1973)
dir. Bruce Cronin

An endless round of octagenarian birthday parties, insipid poetry readings, boring meals and confrontations with no-nonsense nurses make the "wild goose" determined to escape from his nursing home, in this hilarious fantasy filled with sight-gags and in which no dialogue is necessary. Winner of a Baltimore Film Festival award, 1975. (Bruce Cronin, USA, 1973, 18 minutes, 16mm)
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