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Public Performance Rights

Many of the titles in the Enoch Pratt Free Library's Video/DVD Reserves Collection have "public performance rights," meaning they have been purchased or licensed with the legal right to screen them in a public setting for a non-paying audience.

The following films in the Enoch Pratt Video/DVD Reserves Collection have public performance rights:

  • All 16mm films in the Pratt catalog (16mm films are marked in our catalog by the XX or AUDIOVISUAL-MP designation)
  • All videos in the Pratt catalog marked VIDEOTAPE (P) or AUDIO-VISUAL-1/2VC (P)
  • “Institutional” (e.g., not "home use only") versions of videos/DVDs from select vendors that were purchased with public performance rights. These vendors are listed here: " Vendors That Sell Movies with Public Performance Rights ":

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