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Cliffhangers!: Great Movie Serials on 16mm

The Best & Next Department owns a number of classic crime, sci-fi, and western movie serials in its 16mm film collection. Many of these titles are either hard-to-find or unavailable in any other format. All of the following titles come with public performance screening rights and are are available for loan.

 Gang Busters  Tom MixFlash

Buck Rogers (Universal, 1939, 12 chapters)
Buster Crabbe took a break from his Flash Gordon adventures to star as Buck Rogers in this 12-part 1939 serial. Along with Buddy Wade (Jackie Moran) and Wilma Deering (Constance Moore), Buck battles Killer Kane and his army of super-racketeers, not to mention Saturnians and the revolting Zuggs.
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Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (Universal, 1940, 12 chapters)
Buster Crabbe stars as the titular hero in this, the last of the three Flash Gordon serials made between 1936 and 1940. Also stars Carol Hughes as Dale Arden, Charles B. Middleton as Ming the Merciless, and Frank Shannon as Dr. Alexis Zarkov.
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Gang Busters (Universal, 1942, 13 chapters)
Gang Busters was one of Universal's most elaborate serials, with many chase and thrill scenes expertly staged in outdoor locations. Police Detective Bill Bannister (Kent Taylor) pursues mad scientist Professor Mortist (Ralph Morgan), who simulates death in doomed criminals and snatches them from the gallows to join his "League of Murdered Men" crime mob.
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Miracle Rider (Mascot, 1935, 15 chapters)
Cowboy Tom Mix is the Miracle Rider, a Texas Ranger out to stop evil rancher-oil baron Zaroff (Charles Middleton) from driving the Ravenhead Indians off their reservation so he can mine the rare X-94 element and sell it to the highest bidder.
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Zorro's Black Whip (Republic, 1944, 12 chapters)
In this twist on the classic Zorro tale, Linda Sterling stars as Barbara Meredith, a strong-willed woman who dons the famous black outfit to become The Black Whip and avenge her newspaper editor father's death at the hands of  Don Hammond's ruthless gang.
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