Best and Next Department
Customers Selecting DVD's

The Collection

The Best & Next Department maintains a collection of free audio-visual materials reflecting the general scope of most Pratt subject areas, including:

  • over 18,000 popular and educational DVDs and videos (including titles with "descriptive video" narration for the visually impaired), including over 4,000 Hollywood home entertainment titles, popular British and American television series, Japanese anime series, musical performances, foreign films (including hundreds of Criterion Collection DVDs), and thousands of educational films.
  • more than 2,100 16mm film titles, including many hard-to-find titles not available in other media formats
  • almost 2,000 phonograph records, with a concentration in classical, world/folk, jazz and spoken word
  • over 5,500 music CDs of popular, jazz, world/folk, gospel, country, heavy metal, and local music
  • nearly 4,500 fiction audiobooks-on-CD, with concentrations in Classics, Mysteries, Young Adult and African-American literature
  • more than 3,000 fiction audiobooks-on-tape

State Library Resources

The Best and Next Department's resources provide access to information not located in standard book sources.