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Vertical File Subject Headings: A-C

This is a list of the subjects in the Department's vertical files. The files contain more than 57,000 articles from local newspapers, particularly the Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore Afro-American. Additional items in the files include bibliographies, book excerpts, brochures, letters, obituaries, pamphlets, playbills, and political campaign leaflets.

The subject headings are on several pages in alphabetical order: A-C; D-L; M-R; and S-Z

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Topics Years Covered            Cross References 
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Aaron, Henry L., "Hank" 1934 -  
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem 1947-  
Abernathy, Ralph David 1926-1990  
Abrahams, Peter 1919-  
Academic Achievement  
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)  
Acting for Television  
Actors See also:
Aldridge, Ira Frederick
Davis, Clifton
Davis, Ossie B.
Foxx, Redd
Freeman, Al, Jr.
Guillaume, Robert
Hilton-Jacobs, Lawrence
Lockhart, Calvin
Poitier, Sidney
Rollins, Howard E., Jr.
Williams, Billy Dee
Actresses See also:
Beverly, Trazana
Carroll, Diahann
Kitt, Eartha
McQueen, Thelma, "Butterfly"
Moore, Melba
Adair, Augustus A. - 1989   
Adair, Carl M.  
Adams, Patrick  
Adams, Victorine Q. (Mrs. William L.)  
Adams, William L., "Little Willie"  
Addison, B. Tyrous, "Terry"  
Adire Cloth  
Adoption See also:
Affirmative Action Programs  
Affirmative Action Programs - Maryland  
Afram Associates  
Africa - Commerce - United States  
Africa - History  
African-American (term)  
African-American Catholic Congregation  
African-American Cultural and Trade Center  
African-American Empowerment Project See also:
Black Needs Assessment Project
African-American Heritage Society (AAHS)  
African-American Leadership Council  
African-American Summit '89  
African-American Women's Political Caucus  
African Americans - Race Identity - Colorism  
African-Americans Uniting for Life  
African Heritage  
African Heritage - Dancers and Drummers  
African Methodist Episcopal Church  
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church  
Africans in America (documentary)  
Africans in the United States  
Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS)  
Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society - Baltimore Chapter  
Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society - Chicago Chapter  
Afro-American History Month See also:
Black History Month
Afro-American Newspapers - Archives and Research Center  
Afro-American Studies See also:
Black Studies
Afro-Americans - Bibliography  
Afro-Americans - Paris  
Afro-Americans - Russia  
Afro-Americans - South America  
Ai 1947 - See also:
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)  
Ailey, Alvin 1931 - 1989 See also:
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Alvin Ailey Reperatory Ensemble
Air Pilots  
Alabama See also:
Albany State College (Georgia)  
Alcoholism - Maryland  
Aldridge, Ira Frederick 1804 - 1867  
Alexander, Clifford L. 1933 -  
Alford, Brenda Irene  
Ali, Muhammad 1942 -  
Alice G. Pinderhughes Scholarship Fund  
Allen, Aris T. 1910 - 1991  
Allen, Debbie 1950-  
Allen, Ethel D. 1929 - 1981  
Allen, Faye Watson (Mrs. Aris T.) 1921 - 2008  
Allen, George S. 1898 - 1945  
Allen, Leslie 1957- See also:
Athletes, Women
Allen, Richard 1760 - 1831  
Allen, Sarah (Mrs. Richard) 1764 - 1849  
Allen, William G.  
Alpha Kappa Alpha (Sorority)  
Alpha Phi Alpha  
Alston, Charles Henry 1907 - 1977  
Alston, Horace T.  
Alves, Dorothy Louise  
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater  
Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble  
Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1300 See also:
Maryland - Mass Transit Administration
Amateur Radio Operators  
American Civil Liberties Union  
American Legion Auxiliary  
American Legion - Northeastern Post #285  
American Negro Academy  
American Negro Theatre  
American University, Washington, D.C.  
Amistad (Ship)  
Amistad Press  
Amistad Research Center  
AM Machine Company, Inc.  
Amos 'n' Andy  
Amos, Wallace, Jr., "Famous Amos" 1936-  
Amprey, Walter G.  
Amusements - Baltimore  
Anacostia (District of Columbia)  
Anacostia (Neighborhood) Museum, Washington, D.C.  
Amba's Lakay  
Anderson, Curtis  
Anderson, Curtis Stovall 1949-  
Anderson, Marian 1908 - 1993  
Angelou, Maya 1928 -  
Annapolis - History  
Annapolis - Police Department  
Anthony, Michael 1932-  
Arabic Literature  
Arch Social Club, Inc.  
Archaeology - Maryland  
Arena Players  
Arena Players - Theater Programs  
Arena Players - Youtheatre  
Arma Trading, Joan  
Armstrong, Louis "Satchmo" 1900 - 1971  
Art, African  
Art - Baltimore  
Art - Galleries and Museums - District of Columbia  
Art Galleries - Baltimore  
Art Festivals  
Artists See also:
Association of Black Artists, East
Baltimore - Urban Services Agency
Bearden, Romare
Cryor, Cary Beth
Fax, Elton C.
Johnston, Joshua
Keene, Paul F.
Moja, Januwa
Tanner, Henry O.
Artists - Baltimore  
Artists - Maryland  
Arts - Baltimore  
Arts - Maryland  
Asante, Molefi  
Ashburton (Baltimore)  
Ashburton Insurance, Ltd.  
Ashe, Arthur 1943 - 1993 See also:
Ashford, Emmett 1914 - 1980 See also:
Ashford and Simpson  
Assert, Inc. See also:
Sickle Cell Anemia
Sickle Cell Anemia - Maryland
Associated Black Charities  
Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History  
Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History - Baltimore Branch  
Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History - Convention  
Association for the Study of Negro Life and History See also:
Woodson, Carter G.
Association of Black Artists, East  
Association of Black Media Workers (ABMW)  
Association of Black Social Workers, Inc. Baltimore Chapter  
Associations, Institutions, etc.  
Assurance Title Company  
Athletes, Women  
Atlanta - Mayor  
Atlantic City, New Jersey  
Augusta, Georgia  
Aunt Jemima  
Authors - Baltimore  
Authors - Maryland  
Authors, Women See also:
Automobile Racing  
Awards, Athletic See also:
Heisman Trophy
Awards - Baltimore  
Awards - Maryland  
Awards - Music  
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Badu, Erykah 1971-  
Bailey, Pearl Mae 1918 - 1990  
Bailey, William Eugene, "Bill" - 1978   
Baker, Anita  
Baker, Ella Josephine 1905 -  
Baker, George, "Father Divine" 1882 - 1965  
Baker, Josephine Carson 1906 - 1975  
Baker, Rushern L.  
Bakers and Bakeries  
Bakke Case See: Regents of the University of California v. Bakke
Baldwin, James 1924 - 1987  
Baldwin, James - Bibliography 1924 - 1987  
Ballet Dancing  
Balloon Ascensions  
Baltimore 1980 - 1989  
Baltimore 1990 -  
Baltimore - Board of Fire Commissioners  
Baltimore - Board of School Commissioners See also:
Schools - Baltimore
Baltimore - Circuit Courts  
Baltimore - City Council  
Baltimore - City Council 1980 - 1989  
Baltimore - City Council 1990 -  
Baltimore - City Jail  
Baltimore - Community Action Commission  
Baltimore - Community Relations Commission  
Baltimore - Court of Common Pleas  
Baltimore - Department of Education  
Baltimore - Department Housing and Community Development  
Baltimore - Department of Planning  
Baltimore - Department of Recreation and Parks  
Baltimore - Department of Social Services  
Baltimore - Directories  
Baltimore - Fire Department See also:
Vulcan Blazers
Baltimore - Health Department  
Baltimore - Health Department - Druid Health District  
Baltimore - History  
Baltimore - History - Exhibitions  
Baltimore - Mayor  
Baltimore - Housing Authority  
Baltimore - Juvenile Court  
Baltimore - Law Department  
Baltimore - Mayor  
Baltimore - Mayor, 2000  
Baltimore Metropolitan Committee Against the KKK See also:
Ku Klux Klan - Maryland
Baltimore Museum of Art  
Baltimore - Officials and Employees  
Baltimore - Planning Commission  
Baltimore - Police Commissioner  
Baltimore - Police Department  
Baltimore - Police Department 2000  
Baltimore - Register of Wills  
Baltimore - Sheriff Department  
Baltimore - Social Conditions  
Baltimore - Supreme Bench  
Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD)  
Baltimore University  
Baltimore Urban League, Inc.  
Baltimore Urban Coalition  
Baltimore Urban Services Agency  
Baltimore Welfare Rights Organization  
Baltimore - Zoning Board  
Baltimore African-American Business Forum  
Baltimore African-American Tourism Council, Inc.  
Baltimore Anti-Apartheid Coalition  
Baltimore Association for the Moral and Educational Improvement of Colored People  
Baltimore Black Community Museum  
Baltimore Black Sox  
Baltimore City Community College  
Baltimore City Detention Center  
Baltimore Colts See also:
Dickey, Curtis
Baltimore Commonwealth Program  
Baltimore Continentals  
Baltimore Dance Theater  
Baltimore Elite Giants  
Baltimore Institute of Musical Arts, Inc.  
Baltimore Marketing Association  
Baltimore Metropolitan Committee Against the Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party See also:
Ku Klux Klan
Baltimore Minority Business Development Center  
Baltimore Neighborhood Heritage Project  
Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc.  
Baltimore Orioles (baseball club) See also:
Bumbry, Al
Murray, Eddie Clarence
Robinson, Frank
Baltimore Ravens  
Baltimore Summit on Race Relations  
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra  
Baltimore Times  
Baltimore Zoo  
Bambara, Toni Cade - 1995   
Bands (Music)  
Bands (Music) - Baltimore  
Banks, Earl - 1993   
Banks, Samuel L. - 1995   
Banks, Saundra E.  
Banks and Banking  
Banks and Banking - Baltimore  
Banks and Banking - Baltimore - Advance Federal Saving  
Banks and Banking - Baltimore - Harbor Bank formerly Harbor National Bank
Banks and Banking - Baltimore - Harbor National Bank renamed Harbor Bank
Banks and Banking - Baltimore - Ideal Federal Savings See also:
Banks and Banking - Baltimore - Ideal Savings and Loan Association
Banks and Banking - Baltimore - Ideal Savings and Loan Association  
Banks and Banking - Maryland  
Banneker, Benjamin 1731 - 1806  
Banneker-Douglass Museum of African-American Life and History See also: 
Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture
Baptists - Maryland  
Baptists Ministers Conference Baltimore & Vicinity  
Baraka, Amiri (Leroi Jones) 1934 -  
Barksdale-Hall, Roland C.  
Barkley, Charles  
Barnett, Ida Baker Wells 1864 - 1931  
Barrett, Frederick E. 1983  
Barry, Cora Masters (Mrs. Marion S.)  
Barry, Effi (Mrs. Marion S.)  
Barry, Marion S.  
Bascom, Marion Curtis  
Baseball See also:
Ashford, Emmett
Baltimore Elite Giants
Baltimore Orioles
Brock, Lou
Bumbry, Al
Campanella, Roy "Campy"
Flood, Curt
Jackson, Reginald Martinez
Murray, Eddie Clarence
Paige, Leroy Robert "Satchel"
Pittsburgh Pirates
Robinson, Frank
Robinson, Jackie
Wilson, Jud "Boojum"
Baseball - Baltimore  
Baseball Managing  
Basie, William James, Jr., "Count" 1905 - 1984  
Basketball See also:
Monroe, Earl
Unseld, Wesley
Basketball - Maryland  
Basketball - Women  
Bassett, Angela  
Bassett, Ebenezer Don Carlos 1833 - 1908 See also:
Diplomatic and Consular Service
Bates, Wiley H. 1853? - 1935  
Battle, Hinton  
Battle, Kathleen  
Bay College of Maryland  
Baylor, Solomon  
Bearden, Romare 1914 - 1988  
Beauty Operators  
Beckles, Frances  
Beckwourth, James 1798 - 1867  
Becton, Julius W., Jr.  
Beethoven, Ludwig van 1770 - 1827  
Belafonte, Harold George, Jr. 1927 -  
Bell Curve  
Bell, Derrick A. 1930-  
Bell, James Thomas, "Cool Papa" 1903 - 1991  
Bell, Lawrence, III  
Bell, Robert Mack  
Bellamy, Avon  
Bellamy, Sherry F.  
Belle, Albert  
Ben, Johannon, Yosef  
Benedict the Moor Center See also:
Catholic Church - Baltimore
Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum  
Bennett, (Rev.) Gordon D.  
Bennett, Lerone  
Bennett, Louise  
Benson, George  
Berry, Bertice  
Berry, Chuck 1926-  
Berry, Halle, 1968 -  
Berry, John L. 1900 - 1984  
Berry, Leonidas H. 1902 - 1995  
Berry, Mary F.  
Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society  
Bethlehem Steel Corporation  
Bethune, Mary McLeod 1875 - 1955  
Bethune Museum and Archives  
Bevins, Marilyn See also:
Athletes, Women
Track Athletics
Beverley, Trazana  
Bias, Len 1963 - 1986  
Bicycle Racing  
Biggers, John 1924 - 2001  
Billie Holiday Memorial Foundation, Inc.  
Billingsley, Andrew 1926 -  
Biography - Baltimore  
Biography - District of Columbia  
Biography - Maryland  
Bishop College  
Black Academy of Arts and Letters  
Black Adoption Recruitment Network (BARN)  
Black Alumni Network Development (BAND)  
Black American West Foundation, Inc.  
Black Arts Calendar  
Black Business Conference  
Black Caucus (congressional) See also:
United States - Congress
Black Classic Press  
The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia See also:
Black Data Processing Associates  
Black Diaspora  
Black English  
Black Entertainment Television  
Black Family Reunion  
Black Hawks  
Black-Hispanic Relations  
Black History Month  
Black History Month - Programs 1980  
Black History Month 1981-1997  
Black History Month - Bibliography  
Black History Month - Maryland 1980-1996, 1998,
2000, 2001
Black History Week  
Black in White America  
Black - Jewish Relations  
Black Jews  
Black, Joe  
Black Leadership Forum  
Black Liberation Army  
Black Love Day  
Black Madonna  
Black Manifesto (1969)  
Black Mental Health Alliance  
Black Music Association  
Black Muslims  
Black Muslims - Education  
Black Needs Assessment Project  
Black October  
Black Pages  
Black Panther Party See also:
Newton, Huey Percy
Seale, Bobby George
Black Professional Men, Inc.  
Black Research Associates  
Black Studies See also:
Afro-American Studies
Black to Basics  
Black United Fund  
Black Women's Agenda  
Black Women's Consciousness Raising Association  
Black World Foundation  
Blackberry Press  
Blacks in Government  
Blacks in Government - Baltimore  
Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation  
Blackshear, Leonard  
Blackwell Family  
Blackwell, Maurice  
Blake, Eubie 1883 - 1983  
Bland, James A. 1854 - 1911  
Bland, John  
Blassingame, John W.  
Blind Tom  
Blood Pressure See also:
Blount, Clarence W. 1921 - 2003  
Bluford, Guion S., "Guy"  
Bolden, Charles, "Buddy" 1868 - 1931  
Bond family  
Bond, Julian 1940 -  
Bonner, Carrington  
Bontemps, Arna 1902 - 1973  
Book Collectors  
Book Lists  
Booker, Robert  
Books - Reviews  
Booksellers and Bookselling  
"The Boondocks" (Boondocks)  
Boone, Raymond H.  
Boston, Ernie 1999  
Boston, Tony  
Boswell, Hilagardeis  
Bowe, Riddick  
Bowie State College See also:
Universities and Colleges - Maryland
Bowie State University  
Boxing See also:
Ali, Muhammad
Foreman, George
Frazier, Joe
Hearns, Thomas
Holmes, Larry
Johnson, John Arthur "Jack"
Leonard, Sugar Ray
Louis, Joe
Robinson, Sugar Ray
Spinks, Leon
Tate, John
Boxing - Baltimore  
Boy Scouts of America  
Boyz-N-the Hood  
Brackett, Anna Pearl Cole - 2000   
Bradford, Alexander - 1978   
Bradley, David  
Bradley, Ed  
Bradley, Melvin L.  
Bradley, Thomas  
Bragg, George Freeman 1863 - 1940 See also:
George F. Bragg Church Home for Boys
Brailey, Troy 1916 - 1994  
Braithwaite, Edward Ricardo 1922 -  
Bramble, Peter 1945 -  
Bramlette, Mme, T.J.  
Branch, Edward B.  
Branch, Kip Bernard  
Branch, Paula Johnson  
Branch, Taylor  
Brathwaite, Edward Kamau 1930 -  
Braughter, Andre  
Braun, Carol Moseley 1947 -  
Brawley, Tawana  
Braxton, Toni  
Briddell, David W.  
Bridges, Lee  
Bridges, Leon  
Bridges, Ruby  
Briscoe, Connie  
Briscoe, Joseph C. 1886 - 1944  
Briscoe, Sherman 1908 - 1979  
Broadcasting Industry  
Broadwater, Tommie  
Brock, Lou 1946 See also:
Brocke, Edward W. 1919 -  
Brocks, Nanette  
Brooke, Edward W. 1919 -  
Brooks, George M.  
Brooks, Gwendolyn 1917 - 2000  
Broom, Maria  
Brotherhood of Liberty  
Brothers Johnson  
Brown, Alfredine Parham  
Brown, Alston and Byrd  
Brown, Benjamin L. - 2002   
Brown Capital Management  
Brown, George W. - 1935  
Brown, James 1933 -  
Brown, Jim  
Brown, Joe  
Brown, John 1800 - 1859  
Brown, Lee P. 1937 -  
Brown, Les  
Brown, Oscar 1927 - 2005  
Brown, Ronald H. 1941 - 1996  
Brown, Sterling Allen 1901 - 1989  
Brown, Tony 1933 -  
Brown, Tyrone 1942 -  
Brown v. Board of Education  
Brown v. Board of Education - 50th Anniversary  
Brown, William Wells 1815 - 1884  
Brown, Willie 1934 -  
Bruce, Blanche Kelso 1841 - 1898  
Bruce, John Edward - 1924   
Brunson, Dorothy  
Brutus, Dennis  
Bryan, Ashley  
Bryant Family  
Bryant, (Rev) Jamal-Harrison  
Bryson, Peabo  
Buffalo, New York  
Buffalo Soldiers See also:
The West
Building and Loan Associations - Maryland  
Buildings - Baltimore  
Bullard, Eugene Jaques 1934 - 1961  
Bullins, Ed 1935 -  
Bumbry, Al  
Bumbry, Grace 1937 -  
Bunche, Ralph Johnson 1904 - 1971  
Burger, Mary W.  
Burke, Beverly 1950 -  
Burke, Selma 1899 - 1995  
Burke, Yvonne Braithwaite  
Burns, Clarence H., "Du"  
Burns, Emmett C., Jr. 1940-  
Burrell, Evelyn Patterson - 1995  
Burton, LeVar 1957 -  
Bush, George H. W. 1924 -  
Business See also:
Economic Conditions
Small Business
United States Small Business Administration
Business - Baltimore  
Business - Chicago  
Business - District of Columbia  
Business - Maryland  
Business - Philadelphia  
Business League of Baltimore  
Business Management  
Businessmen - District of Columbia  
Businesswomen See also:
Small Business
United States Small Business Administration
Businesswomen - Baltimore  
Businesswomen - Maryland  
Butler Transporation, Inc.  
Butts, Calvin O. 1949 -  
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Caldwell Chemical Company  
Calloway, Blanche - 1978   
Calloway, Cabell III, "Cab" 1907 - 1994  
Calloway, Chris  
Calloway, Marse S. - 1952  
Callum, Agnes Kane See also:
Genealogy - Maryland
Cambridge, Maryland  
Camp Francis M. Wood  
Camo Minnatare  
Campanella, Roy, "Campy" 1921 - 1993  
Campbell, Bebe Moore  
Campbell, Lucie E. 1885 - 1963  
Campbell, Naomi  
Campbell, Sylvester See also:
Ballet Dancing - Baltimore
Camper family  
Canada See also:
The Black Cultural Center for Nova Scotia
Canady, Charles T., Jr.  
Cane, Rudolph "Rudy"  
Cannon, Patty  
Capital Landmark Associates  
Capital Punishment See also:
Crime and Criminals
Capitol City Liquor Co. Inc  
Cardozo, Francis Louis 1837 - 1903  
Carew, Jan 1922 -  
Carey, Lott C. 1780 - 1829  
Carey, Margaret Thomas (Mrs. A. Morris 1869 - 1945  
Cargill, John Marcus  
Caribbean Literature  
Carmichael, Stokely 1931 - 1998 See also:
Ture, Kwame
Carne, Jean  
Carr, Walter R. - 1993   
Carrington, Napoleon Bonaparte - 1979   
Carrol, Constance M.  
Carroll, Diahann 1938 -  
Carroll, Hattie - 1963   
Carroll, Rebecca Evans, (Mrs. James L.) - 1999   
Carroll, Vinnette  
Carson, Benjamin  
Carson Scholars Fund  
Carter, Betty 1930 - 1998  
Carter, C. Cabell  
Carter, Frank B. - 1993   
Carter, James  
Carter, Jimmy 1924 -  
Carter, Robert A.  
Carter, Rubin, "Hurricane" 1937 -  
Carter, Walter P. 1923 - 1971  
Carver, George Washington 1860 - 1943  
Cary, Mary Ann Shadd 1823 - 1893  
Cassell, Albert I 1895 - 1969  
Caterers and Catering  
Catholic Church See also:
National Office for Black Catholics (NOB)
United States Catholic Conference (USCC)
Catholic Church - Baltimore  
Catholic Church - Clergy  
Catholic Church - Liturgy  
Catholic Church - Maryland  
Catholic Church - Virginia  
Catholic Schools  
Catlett, Elizabeth  
Cemeteries - Baltimore  
Cemeteries - Baltimore - Laurel Colored Cemetary  
Cemeteries - Baltimore - Mount Auburn  
Cemeteries - District of Columbia - Mount Zion  
Cemeteries - Mount Zion  
Cemeteries - New York City - African Burial Ground  
Center for Black Music Research  
Center for National Policy Review  
Central Maryland Health Systems Agency  
Chamberlain, Wilt 1936 - 1999  
Chambers, Emanuel - 1945   
Champman, Audrey B.  
Champman Company  
Chaplains, Military  
Chapman, Nathan A.  
Chapman, Tracy  
Charitable Societies  
Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection  
Charles, Ray 1930 - 2004  
Charles Sumner School  
Charles, Suzette  
Chase-Riboud, Barbara  
Chavis, Benjamin F.  
Checker, "Chubby" (Ernest Evans) 1942 -  
Cheek, King Virgil 1937 -  
Cheeks, Robert - 1988   
Cherry Hill (Baltimore)  
Chesapeake Club  
Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock Company  
Chestnutt, Charles Waddell 1858 - 1932  
Chess See also:
Covington, Charles
Chester, Joseph - 1984   
Chester, Lemuel  
Cheyney State College/University  
Chi Delta Mu  
Chi Psi Sigma (Faternity)  
Chicago Blues Archives  
Chicago Public Library  
Chideya, Farai  
Child Abuse  
Child Abuse - Maryland  
Children See also:
Children - Baltimore  
Children - Maryland  
Children's Books  
Children's Literature  
Children's Memorial Museum and Peace Center  
Childress, Alice 1920 -  
Chinyelu, Mamadou  
Chisholm, Shirley 1924 -  
Choral Societies  
Christina Riot 1851  
Chronology 1990 -  
Church and Faternal Youth Council  
Church History  
Church Music  
Church Officers  
Church Ushers  
Churches - Annapolis - St. Phillips Episcopal Church  
Churches - Baltimore  
Churches - Baltimore - Adams Chapel AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Berea Temple  
Churches - Baltimore - Bethany Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Bethel AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Bible Way Free Will Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Brown's Memorial Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Calvary Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Ceasar Memorial Baptist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Centennial Caroline United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Centennial United Methodist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Central Baptist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Central Church of Christ  
Churches - Baltimore - Christ United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Christian Community Church of God  
Churches - Baltimore - Church of the Holy Covenant  
Churches - Baltimore - Church of the Holy Trinity  
Churches - Baltimore - Church of the Redeemed of the Lord  
Churches - Baltimore - City Temple (Baptist)  
Churches - Baltimore - Community Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Community Church of Christ  
Churches - Baltimore - Concord Baptist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Cornerstone Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Cornerstone Church of Christ  
Churches - Baltimore - Damascus Road Baptist Mission  
Churches - Baltimore - David Memorial Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Doswell Cathedral  
Churches - Baltimore - Douglass Memorial Community Chu  
Churches - Baltimore - Eastern United Methodist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal  
Churches - Baltimore - Ebenezer Baptist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Elderslie-St. Andrews United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Emanuel Christian Community Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Enon Baptist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Evergreen AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Faith Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - First Abyssinia Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - First Apostolic Faith Institution  
Churches - Baltimore - First Baptist Church (Caroline Street)  
Churches - Baltimore - First Emmanuel Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore- First Faith Temple Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - First Saint Stephens Baptist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Flat Rock Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Fountain Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Friendship Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Full Gospel Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Fulton Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Galilee Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Garden of Prayer Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Garrison Blvd. United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Gillis Memorial Christian Community  
Churches - Baltimore - Gillis Memorial Methodist Episcopal  
Churches - Baltimore - Gospel Tabernacle Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Grace Memorial Baptist Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Grace Presbyterian  
Churches - Baltimore - Grace United Presbyterian Church  
Churches - Baltimore - Greater Gethsemane Missionary Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Greater New Hope Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Greater Harvest Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Greater Refuge Temple  
Churches - Baltimore - Greater Remnant Church of God  
Churches - Baltimore - Harlem Park Community Baptist C  
Churches - Baltimore - Holy Temple Original Freewill Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Homestead United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Hope Chapel Christian Unity Free Will Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Huber Memorial United  
Churches - Baltimore - Israel Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - John Wesley United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Jones Tabernacle  
Churches - Baltimore - Knox Presbyterian  
Churches - Baltimore - Leadenhall Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Lewin United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Little Ark Missionary  
Churches - Baltimore - Macedonia Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Madison Avenue Presbyterian  
Churches - Baltimore - Manna Bible Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mason Memorial  
Churches - Baltimore - Maximum Life Christian  
Churches - Baltimore - Metropolitan United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Morning Star Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mount Ararat Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mount Calvary Freewill Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mount Carmel Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mt. Hattin Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mount Hebron Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mt. Hope Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mt. Lebanon Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mount Moriah Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mount Moriah Church of God in Christ  
Churches - Baltimore - Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mount Olivet Christian  
Churches - Baltimore - Mt. Pisgah Christian Methodist Episcopal  
Churches - Baltimore - Mt. Pleasant Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Mount Sinai Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Christian Bible Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Creation  
Churches - Baltimore - New Fellowship Christian Community  
Churches - Baltimore - New Frontiers of Faith Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Gethsemane Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Hope Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Horizon Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Psalmist Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New St. Mark Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New St. Mary Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Second Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Shiloh Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - New Song Community  
Churches - Baltimore - New Unity Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - North Appold United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Oak Street AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Olivet Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Orchard Street  
Churches - Baltimore - Our Lady of Lourdes  
Churches - Baltimore - Payne Memorial AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Pennsylvania Avenue AME Zion  
Churches - Baltimore - People's Church of Baltimore  
Churches - Baltimore - Perkins Square Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Pleasant Hope Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Pleasant Rock Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Progressive First Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Providence Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Providence Inspirational Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Ray of Hope Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Refuge Deliverance Holiness  
Churches - Baltimore - Remnant Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Renew Hope Christian Community  
Churches - Baltimore - Rising Sun Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Rose of Sharon Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Bernadine's Roman Catholic  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Cecilia Catholic  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Francis Xavier  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Gregory the Great  
Churches - Baltimore - St. James Episcopal  
Churches - Baltimore - St. John Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - St. John's African Methodist Episcopal  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Katherine of Alexandria  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Luke United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Mark's United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Martin's  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Martin's Church of Christ  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Monica  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Paul Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Paul United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Peter Claver  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Pius Catholic  
Churches - Baltimore - St. Timothy Christian Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Second Antioch Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Sharon Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Sharp Street Memorial United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Shepherd Community Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Shiloh AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Shiloh Christian Community  
Churches - Baltimore - Shining Star Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Simmons Memorial Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Southern Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Southwest Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - The Star of Bethlehem Spiritual Temple  
Churches - Baltimore - Timothy Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Trinity AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Trinity Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Trinity Presbyterian  
Churches - Baltimore - Union Baptists  
Churches - Baltimore - Union Bethel AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Union Memorial Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Union Square Methodist Christian  
Churches - Baltimore - Union Temple Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - United Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - United Brethren for Christ  
Churches - Baltimore - United House of Prayer for All People  
Churches - Baltimore - United Pentecostal Presbyterian  
Churches - Baltimore - Waters AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Wayland Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Wayman AME  
Churches - Baltimore - Wayside Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Whatcoat Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Whitestone Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Wildwood Parkway United Methodist  
Churches - Baltimore - Winston Avenue Baptist  
Churches - Baltimore - Zion Baptist  
Churches - Bazil AME (Cockeysville, Maryland)  
Churches-Birmingham (Alabama) - 10th Street Baptist  
Churches - Community Baptist Church (Jessup,MD)  
Churches - District of Columbia  
Churches - DC - Calvary United Methodist  
Churches - DC - First Baptist  
Churches - DC - John Wesley AME Zion  
Churches - DC - Metropolitan AME  
Churches - DC - Metropolitan Baptist  
Churches - DC - Mt. Horeb Baptist  
Churches - DC - New Bethel Baptist  
Churches - DC - Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ  
Churches - DC - St. Mary's Episcopal  
Churches - DC - Shiloh Baptist  
Churches - Ebenezer Baptist (Atlanta, Georgia)  
Churches - First Baptist (Elkridge, Maryland)  
Churches - First Baptist (Guilford, Maryland)  
Churches - Greenspring United Methodist  
Churches - Holly Run Methodist /Protestant Church  
Churches - Jericho City of Praise (Landover, Maryland)  
Churches - Macedonia Church of God  
Churches - Maryland  
Churches - Mount Calvary AME (Towson, Maryland)  
Churches - Mt. Gilboa African Methodist Episcopal Church  
Churches - Mt. Moriah (Annapolis, Maryland)  
Churches - Mt. Pleasant African Methodist Episcopal  
Churches - New Antioch Baptist (Randallstown,Maryland)  
Churches - New Hope Christian Church (Catonsville, Maryland)  
Churches - Pennsylvania  
Churches - Philadelphia - Bethel AME  
Churches - Philadelphia - First African Baptist  
Churches - Rising Sun Baptist (Baltimore County)  
Churches - Rising Sun First Baptist  
Churches - St. John Baptist  
Churches - St. John's (Ruxton, Maryland)  
Churches - St. Mark United Methodist (Hanover, Maryland)  
Churches - St.Paul's United Methodist (Oxon Hill, Maryland)  
Churches - St. Stephen AME  
Churches - Sharp Street United Methodist (Sandy Spring, Maryland)  
Churches - Shiloh Baptist  
Churches - Union Baptist (Turner Station, Maryland)  
Churches - Virginia  
Cincinnati, Ohio  
CIO Political Action Committee  
The Citadel (South Carolina)  
Cities and Towns See also:
Urban Economics
Citizens Coalition for Urban Survival  
Citywide Young People's Forum  
Civil Rights  
Civil Rights - Baltimore  
Civil Rights - Maryland  
Civil Rights - Mississippi  
Civil Rights Movement See also:
Abernathy, Ralph David
Farmer, James Leonard
Height, Dorothy I.
Civil Rights Organizations See also:
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Urban League
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Civil War - Maryland See also:
Nicholas Biddle
Clark family  
Clark, Breena  
Clark, Kenneth Bancroft 1914 -  
Clarke, John Henrik 1915 - 1998  
Clarke, Majorie Rowland (Mrs. Carl Dame)  
Clarke, Mary Pat  
Clash, Kevin  
Clay, Robert Lee  
Clayton, Constance  
Cleage, Pearl  
Cleaver, Eldridge (Leroy Eldrige) 1935 - 1998  
Clemente, Roberto 1934 - 1972  
Clergy See also:
Clergymen's Wives
Women as Ministers
Clergy - Baltimore  
Clergy Conferences  
Clergy United for the Renewal of East Baltimore  
Clergymen's Wives See also:
Women as Ministers
Cleveland See also:
Stokes, Carl
Cleveland, James 1931 - 1991  
Clifton, Lucille Sayles 1935 -  
Clinton, William Jefferson, "Bill"  
Coaches, Coaching See also:
Coal Miners  
Coalition of 100 Black Women  
Cobb, Clarence 1904 - 1990  
Cobb, William Montague 1904 - 1990  
Cochran, Johnnie L., Jr. 1937 - 2005  
Cohen, Anthony  
Coker, Daniel 1780 - 1846  
Colbert, John T. - 1952   
Cole, Harriette 1961-  
Cole, Harry A. 1921-1999  
Cole, Johnnetta B. 1936-  
Cole, Nat King 1919-1965  
Cole, Natalie 1950-  
Coleman, Elizabeth, "Bessie" 1893-1926  
Coleman, Clinton R.  
Coleman, Gary 1968-  
Coleman, Robert W. 1876-1946  
Coleman, Walter  
Coleman, William T., Jr. 1920-  
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel 1875-1912  
Colescott, Robert H. 1925-2009  
The Collective Banking Group of Baltimore and Vicinity  
Collectors and Collecting See also:
College Students  
College Teachers  
Collier, Eugenia W. 1928-  
Collier, Maxie T. 1945 - 1994  
Collins, Cardiss H. 1931-  
Collins, Paul Lamar 1936-  
Collins, Marva N. 1936-  
Color of Man  
Colored Women's Democratic Campaign Committee of Maryland  
Colson, James and Fannie  
Coltrane, John William, "Trane" 1926 - 1967  
Comegys, Daniel 1937-  
Comic Books, Strips, Etc.  
Commencements - Maryland  
Commercial Credit Company  
Commission of International Cooperation  
Commissiong, Jannelle 1953-  
Committee on Political Equality  
The Commodores  
Communist Party See also:
Political Parties
Community Antenna Television See also:
Television Broadcasting
Community College of Baltimore  
Community Communications Systems, Inc.  
Conaway, Frank M. 1933-  
Conaway, Mary W. (Mrs. Frank M.)  
Conductors (Music)  
Cone, James H. 1938-  
Construction Industry  
Construction Workers  
Continental Societies, Inc.  
Contractors - Baltimore  
Contractors - Maryland  
Contracts, Federal  
Control Data Corporation  
Conway, Irvin Joseph - 1993  
Conway, Joan Carter 1951-  
Cook, Vivian E. Johnson (Mrs. Ralph Victor) 1889 - 1997  
Cook, Will Marion 1869 - 1944  
Cooper, Algernon Johnson, "Jay" 1944 -  
Cooper, Anna Julia 1858 - 1964  
Cooper, Barry Michael  
Cooper, Floyd 1960 -  
Cooper, J. California  
Cooperative Women's Civic League  
Coppin, Fannie Jackson 1837 - 1913  
Coppin State College See also:
Universities and Colleges - Maryland
Coppin State College 2000 -  
Coppin State College - Sports  
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) See also:
Civil Rights Organizations
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) - Baltimore Chapter  
"The Corner"  
Cornish, Howard Lee 1978 -  
Cornish, Sam 1935-  
Cornell, Edward  
Cosby, William Henry, Jr., "Bill" 1937 -  
Coston, William Hilary - 1942   
Costume Designers  
Costume Designers - Baltimore  
Cottman, Alphonso Rudolph 1989  
Cotton Club  
Council For Cultural Progress  
Council For Equal Business Opportunity - Baltimore See also:
Business - Baltimore
Businessmen - Baltimore
Businesswomen - Baltimore
Council of Churches of The City of New York  
Country Music  
Courlander, Harold 1908 - 1996  
Courts - Baltimore  
Covington, Charles See also:
Jazz Musicians
Creative Learning Center  
Cowdensville, MD  
Crew, John E.  
Crime And Criminals See also:
Capital Punishment
Crime and Criminals - Baltimore  
Crime and Criminals - District of Columbia  
Crimes And Criminals - Maryland  
Criminal Justice, Administration of  
Criminal Justice, Administration of - Maryland  
Criminal Statistics - Baltimore  
Crosse, St. George I.B.  
Crouch, Andraé 1942-  
Crouch, Stanley 1945-  
Croxton, Darryl 1948-2009  
Crummell, Alexander 1819 - 1898  
Cryor, Cary Beth 1947 - 1997  
Cuffee, Paul 1759 - 1817  
Cullen, Countee 1903 - 1946  
Cummings, Elijah E. 1951-  
Cummings, Harry S. 1866 - 1917  
Cuney, Norris Wright 1846 - 1889  
Curbeam, Robert L., Jr. 1962 - See also:
Curry, Jerry R. 1932 -  
Curry, Wayne K. 1951-  
Curry, William Henry 1954-