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Highlights from the African American Department Ephemera Collection

This exhibit was created to show the great wealth of material contained in the African American Department's ephemera files. The ephemera files include flyers, booklets, church histories, newsletters, posters, programs, pamphets, and other related items. The ephemera file index provides detailed information about all ephemera file items.

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Maryland History
The history of the African American experience in Maryland is illustrated through brochures, pamphlets, and other publications from museums, historical societies and tourism offices.

  • [Reginald F. Lewis Museum Poster]
    Baltimore: The Museum, 2005
  • African American Heritage Guide: Washington County Maryland
    Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau
    Hagerstown, MD: 2000s
  • Baltimore City's Heritage Area: An Application for Recognition
    Baltimore: 1996
  • Discover Baltimore: A Guide to African American Attractions
    Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association
    Baltimore: 2000s
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Local Colleges and Universities
The Collection includes publications from local colleges and universities, including course catalogs, admissions brochures, and documents from concerts and other events. These items document both the universities and the history of African American studies.

  • Legacy: Understanding Black Power Forty Years Later
    Sharon Morris
    Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University, 2005
  • Student Handbook
    Baltimore: Coppin State College, 1964
  • Ideas for Black Studies: The Morgan State College Program
    Walter Fisher
    Baltimore: Morgan State College Press, 1971
  • Morgan State University
    Baltimore: Morgan State University, no date
  • The Morgan Football Program
    Athletic Department, Morgan State University
    Baltimore, 1980

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Baltimore Culture
Baltimore's rich culture is illustrated by event programs, posters, pamphlets, and other promotional materials. It includes catalogues from every Afram Expo.

  • Afram Salutes Civil Rights Leaders of Our City, State, and Country
    Baltimore: 1984
  • Black Arts Festival
    Baltimore: Morgan State College, 1973
  • Symposium of Symphonic Music by Black Composers
    Dominique-Rene de Lerma
    Minneapolis, MN: AAMOA Press, 1973
  • Season 31: The Beginning of a New Era
    Arena Players, Inc.
    Baltimore, 1983
  • Eubie Blake Anniversary Awards Breakfast [program]
    Baltimore, 1994
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Church Histories
In addition to the church histories listed in the library catalog, there are many in the Ephemera Collection. The collection also contains bulletins and anniversary programs from some area churches. 

  • 50th Anniversary Souvenir Journal: 1937-1987
    Concord Baptist Church
    Baltimore, 1987
  • 100 Years of Trusting and Abiding: 1899-1999
    New Psalmist Baptist Church
    Baltimore, 1999
  • 100th Church Anniversary
    New Psalmist Baptist Church
    Baltimore, 1999
  • 150th Anniversary
    Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church
    Baltimore, 1992
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The Collection documents the campaign against lynching through pamphlets and flyers, often in multiple editions. 

  • Southern Women Look at Lynching
    Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching
    Atlanta, GA: February, 1937
  • Southern Women Look at Lynching
    Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching
    Atlanta, GA: March, 1938
  • Southern Leaders Impeach Judge Lynch
    Commission on the Study of Lynching
    Atlanta, GA: Commission on Interracial Cooperation, 1932
  • Why We Lynch
    Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching
    Atlanta, GA: 1932
  • Lynching and Lynch Law: A List of Recent References
    Ann Duncan Brown
    Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1940
  • This Business of Lynching
    Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching
    January, 1935
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The activities of the YWCA played an important role in the community. Their programs and classes are enumerated in various brochures and publications.

  • [YWCA event calendar]
    Baltimore, No date
  • [YWCA promotional brochure]
    Baltimore, Fall, 1958
  • [YWCA promotional brochure]
    Baltimore, Fall, 1957
  • I'll be seein' you at the "Y"
    Baltimore, 1952
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Pamphlets Addressing Race Issues
These are but some of the historic pamphlets in the collection that address the issues that African Americans faced. The Department has multiple editions of many of them, allowing the reader to see how perspectives on some issues changed over time.

  • Negroes in the Post-War World
    Albert Parker
    New York: Pioneer Publishers, 1944
  • Twelve Million Negro Americans
    R. B. Eleazer
    Atlanta, GA: Conference on Education and Race Relations, 1942
  • Study Guide for Understanding Our Neighbors
    Commission on Interracial Cooperation
    Atlanta, GA: 1943
  • The Negro in America
    Maxwell S. Stewart
    New York: Public Affairs Committee, July, 1946
  • Race Riots Aren't Necessary
    Alfred McClung Lee
    New York: Public Affairs Committee, July, 1945
  • Why Race Riots? Lessons from Detroit
    Earl Brown
    New York: Public Affairs Committee, January 1944
  • Report of the Director: Adopted March 13, 1945
    National CIO Committee to Abolish Discrimination
    Washington, DC: 1945

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The Collection includes chapbooks and other published ephemera from local and regional poets. The collections displayed here include works from children in various schools.

  • Voices: Newsletter of the E.D.C. Open Education Communities
    Sam Cornish, editor
    Newton, MA: Educational Development Center, October, 1972
  • Voices: Newsletter of the E.D.C. Open Education Communities
    Sam Cornish, editor
    Newton, MA: Educational Development Center, December, 1972
  • "Black Leopards have Strange Friends…"
    Sam Cornish, editor
    circa 1970s
  • Poems
    Sam Cornish, editor
    Newton, MA: Educational Development Center, no date.
  • Falls Road
    Marcia Southwick
  • About the Snow Monster: A Puppet Play
    Sam Cornish, editor
    Newton, MA: Educational Development Center, 1973
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Various organizational reports provide insight into organizations, places, and history. They sometimes illustrate subjects that are not dealt with elsewhere in the collection.

  • Race Relations in the South - 1962
    Department of Records and Research
    Tuskegee Institute, Alabama: February 4, 1963
  • Charleston Looks at Its Services for Negroes
    Charleston Welfare Council
    Charleston, SC: National Urban League, May, 1947
  • American Negroes - A Wasted Resource
    J. J. Morrow
    Harvard Business Review, January/February, 1957
  • The Negro in Athletics
    Robert L. Nelson
    New York: Service Bureau for Intercultural Education, 1940
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There are some items in the Collection that, while interesting and useful, defy categorization. These items can include programs, brochures, calendars, and other items.

  • The Bowman Family of South Carolina: An African American Family of 12 Generations: The Family History Booklet
    Marianna White Davis
    Columbia, SC, July 2005
  • The Vanishing Family - Crisis in Black America (Press Preview Copy)
    Bill Moyers
    New York: CBS, 1986
  • Souvenir Journal: Ninetieth Anniversary
    National Supreme Council A. & A. Scottish Rite Masons
    Baltimore, 1954
  • Greatest Black Men and Women of the Past
    Baltimore: C. Cabell Carter and Son, 1984
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