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Why did the Pratt Library eliminate overdue fines?

It is the mission of the Library to provide equal access to information, services, and opportunities that empower, enrich, and enhance the quality of life for all. Fines are a barrier to that access. Eliminating that barrier opens doors to all in our community to utilize the resources the Library offers.

Will overdue fines be waived on all materials?

All Pratt-owned materials will no longer have overdue fines. Materials that are obtained through Inter-library Loan are borrowed from other libraries, and therefore are still subject to fines.

Do I still have to pay a fine that was on my account prior to the Pratt going fine free?

If you’ve returned all materials to the Pratt, your fine has been waived.

Fines have been waived, so why does my account still have a balance?

While the Pratt is doing away with overdue fines, fees for lost or damaged materials remain. There are also library card replacement fees.

How will the Library get people to return borrowed materials?

No fines does not mean no responsibility. 14 days after the final due date, materials that are not returned will be considered lost and customers will be billed the replacement cost. At any time customers may return materials to have all associated fees canceled. Borrowing privileges for library cards with a balance of $25 or more will be restored when materials are returned or balance is paid in full.

Will I still receive reminders about returning materials?

  • 3 Days Before Due Date: Reminder Email
  • 3 Days After Due Date: Reminder Email
  • 14 Days After Due Date: Item considered lost, bill sent for replacement

How is the Pratt Library budget affected by the loss of fine income?

Overdue fines on average make up less than one quarter of one percent of the Library’s annual budget.

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