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The Library offers customers free access to over 60 research databases. They contain scholarly journal articles, reports, images, newspapers and more, on a variety of topics. Here are a few examples:
  • Baltimore Sun Archive
  • and HeritageQuest
  • Auto Repair Reference Center
  • Value Line (investing research)
  • Learning Express Library
Please take 5 minutes to help us understand your information needs. Even if you haven't tried our databases, your input will be valuable!
Social Science and History Department Collection and State Library Resources



A Guide to the General Map Collection 


You’re writing a research paper and need a detailed map of Egypt. Maybe you’re planning your next vacation and need a street map of Philadelphia. Or, you’re trying to find the town in Poland from which your ancestors emigrated to America. Come to the Social Science and History Department and our librarians will be happy to assist you in finding your map. 



Road Maps

You can borrow STREET AND ROAD MAPS for cities, states, and countries
with your Enoch Pratt Free Library card.

Political MapPOLITICAL MAPS show boundaries, cities, rivers, and other physical details for areas throughout the world. Many of our political maps are also available for borrowing.

Historical MapHISTORICAL MAPS show nations, states, and cities at various stages of development. Most of our historical maps are reference items and need to be used within the library.

Topographical Map

USGS TOPOGRAPHIC QUADRANGLES  show surface details for areas throughout the United States. Elevations for hills, mountains, and valleys are indicated by contour lines. The USGS topographic quadrangles come to us through the Federal Depository Library Program and must be used within the library. 

Nautical Map

Our collection of NAUTICAL
contains a variety of NOAA charts including General Charts, Coast Charts, Harbor Charts, Intracoastal Waterway Charts, and Sailing Charts. These charts are part of the Federal Depository Library Program and must be used within the library.


We have a large collection of ATLASES of different types ranging from current road atlases to historical atlases.  The collection includes several 19th century atlases that may be useful for customers doing genealogical research.  Most of our atlases are reference items and must be used within the library.

If you have additional questions about the map collection, please contact a Social Science and History Department librarian at 410-396-5321.

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