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Watch Free Documentaries Online

Documentary DVDs can be expensive acquisitions for some school departments and individuals. The following links address this problem by enabling anyone (teachers, students and other interested parties) to watch high quality educational documentaries online for free. All you need is a computer, television or mobile device with an Internet connection.


Documentary Heaven
This free site offers over 1,600 documents found across the Internet in a variety of subject areas.

Documentary Tube
This site doesn't host videos, but displays embedded full-length documentaries that can by searched by subject and playlists.

Documentary Z
This site provides hundreds of documentaries organized into two dozen categories (e.g., Environment, Health, Science).
This site specializes in videos exploring the work of non-profit organizations around the world and is organized by running time (from 3 minutes to feature-length) and subject.
Through online streaming, offers viewers access to a national archive of hard-to-find independent documentary films about American folk culture and arts from different regions and communities. Some films include transcripts, teaching guides or additional background information.

Full Documentary
This streaming site provides access to hundreds of full-length documentaries hosted on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Videos, etc. All titles are assumed to be either in the public domain or uploaded with the consent of their copyright owners. A helpful "Documentary List" link enables users to search for documentaries by topic (e.g., Science, Politics, Conspiracy, etc.). The site cautions that no title should be considered factual on face value alone and users are encouraged  to use discernment.

PBS Video
PBS lets users view a number of high quality documentaries online, including many American Experience, Nova, POV and Nature programs.

SnagFilms offers over 2,5000 free independent movies and documentaries (e.g., SuperSize Me) to watch online or share with others. Besides the usual subject genres, Snagfilms offers its Filmanthropy collection (films that specifically address social issues) and Snag Learning, which offers access to hundreds of educational documentaries searchable by grade level and subject.

Top Documentary Films
TDF is an alternative educational resource for watching over 2,100 full-length documentaries online. Like Documentary Tube, it doesn't host videos but displays embedded media from other sites like Google Video and YouTube.

YouTube Documentaries
This site is not affiliated with, but provides links (updated almost daily and which can be browsed by subject categories) to the best free documentaries available online. You can also sign up to receive email notifications of new documentary releases and listings .

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