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Local Music CDs

The April 2008 issue of Rolling Stone magazine named Baltimore "Best Rock Scene," citing Dan Deacon and Beach House as examples of outstanding local performers. Our Local Music CD collection highlights the work of these artists, as well as many other indie rock and hip-hop artists from Baltimore and Maryland that have helped us earn national recognition. Many of these bands are on the Baltimore-based Beechfields record label. 



Among Wolves (2007)
Sleep and Dream – Black Eyed Susan – Hard To Die – The Weight – Bottle – Seems To me – Just in Case – Love Pt. 7 – Queen of England – Winter Days


Asleep Many Years in the Woods
Sixteen Ways – Ain’t Skeert – Bluebird of Happiness – Kick back – Complaint – One That Got Away – Tongue and Heart – Sadie and Rudy – Y’Know – A Stop – Asleep Many Years in the Woods


Beach House (2006)
Saltwater -- Tokyo witch -- Apple orchard -- Master of none -- Auburn and ivory -- Childhood -- Lovelier girl -- House on the hill -- Heart and lungs.

Devotion (2008)
Wedding bell -- You came to me -- Gila -- Turtle Island -- Holy dances -- All the years -- Heart of chambers -- Some things last a long time (by Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston) -- Astronaut -- D.A.R.L.I.N.G. -- Home again.

Papermag review: "The lo-fi songs of Baltimore duo Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand are ethereal and spare, a far cry from the maximalism practiced by so many of the band's Baltimore neighbors. Their beats are long and leave plenty of room for Legrand to fill with her sweet, sometimes husky voice (she's often compared to Nico)."

Beach House on MySpace


Discontinuo (2009)
Musicians: Mark  O’Connor, Bob Tiefenworth, John Cochran, Gyro, david tutzer, Tim Toormino, Joe O’Sullivan. 31 tracks.

BORN KING (2009)

The 8th of July (2009)
Intro – 8th of June – Dry Bones – McSquared – I Wonder – Tired – The Trinity – Jet Black Hoods – Diamond Mond – Frankincense – Davinci Code - Outro


The EP from Prog&Reg (2007)
On Our Own – Raspy feat. Bex – Bricks 2 Bmore feat. Tame One – Real Don’t Make It Right – Let’s Go – Brian Surgery Remix feat. Def Cef – You Got Me – Pro&Reg – Old School Rules – Intricate Syndicate feat. Kopcik


Here Comes Another Melody
Seasons never change – nothing – a shimmer – while you sleep – ripping up our roots – water in our ears – more of (nothing) – watch for falling rocks – everything


A Family Portrait (split CD featuring both bands)

Don’t Run Away – Long Way Around – Emily – Prettier Pictures – Dim the Lights

Grainy film summers – whipped cream – my shcvhedryk – penna state line – footspes lost on sand – district of Columbia ( a coda) – 1983 was a good year -- entire


Woodshedding – Lowest Valley – My Own man – Rusty Interlude – North-No South – Bright Awake – London – Blue Eyes – Underneath – Thanksgiving


Spiderman of the Rings (2007)
Woody woodpecker -- Crystal cat -- Wham city -- Big milk -- Okie dokie -- Trippy green skull -- Snake mistakes -- Pink batman -- Jimmy Joe Roche

Deacon has exploded in popularity in the last three years, winning over fans and critics worldwide with his 2007 album Spiderman of the Rings, regularly hosting shows and dance parties with his Baltimore art collective Wham City, and getting crowds involved worldwide with his highly interactive live show.

Watch Dan Deacon's "Crystal Cat" music video.

Official Web site:


Gossip Rots the Soul (2008)
Gossip Rots the Soul – Where Are the Meesers? – Laughing in the Dark – The Day of the Dead – Chemical Heaven – All Good People – Fleetwood Mac – Naked Lady Convention – Thank You , Cayce


Put Your Gloves On and Wave
That Grizzly Old Thing – Passing – The Wait – Sew Your Gloves On – Lightly Noise – Our Pappe


Invisible Arteries (2004)
Forward – Harvest – Apogee – Kazeeta – Ghost Ship – Space Pilgrim – Distant Light – Psychotic Telepathy – Afterward (Craters & Valleys) – Human Host

Exceptional synth band from Baltimore, MD that formed in December 2002. Their work is a combination of crunk, psychedelia, folklore, and theatre. Web sites: and This 2004 recording on MT6 Records is currently out of print.


Ain’t like it used to be! (2000)
Pain (intro) -- Thinking about tomorrow -- Must've bumped your head -- ... ain't like it used to be! -- Talkin' in your sleep -- Early in the morning -- Stay -- She done moved -- Workin' me -- Missing you -- Lock me up -- Lost my baby for the blues -- Message from the White House -- Goodnight for the blues -- Mama's chasing the dragon -- Take me away -- Thinking about tomorrow (radio edit).

Chasing the Sun (2002)
Chasing the sun -- Spinnin'  -- Rain no more  -- Movin' on -- Popstar  -- Hey babe! -- Longtime (glory of love -- How long -- Outside -- Last words -- Walked right out! -- Same ol'thang... -- Movin' on (acoustic reprise) -- Good for what ails you? -- Going to the valley

Kelly Bell Band (1998)
Sweet wing & soul -- Homegrown -- Callin' Ma Bell  -- F.B.I. -- Down in the bottom  -- Say one thing -- One world -- Gibbs groove -- Only one -- Dear Maggie -- Losing myself -- Praise to the woman -- Look my way -- Barfly and the... -- Bluesman -- Rollin & tumblin -- Somebody's fool -- Mean to me -- Homegrown (radio edit).


Deer Eyes, Bunny Eyes (2007)
Baku – Moscow’s Tit – Grave Hunter – Monkey – Mother Fucker – Strawberries – Horses Under Sun – Delicious Cabbage – Nice – Doll Waltz – Radishes - Haycocks


Ice Cream Spiritual (2008 )
Beg waves -- G shock -- 7 souls -- Celebrate the body electric (It came from an angel) -- Late for school -- Sky drool -- Small wevs -- Die Allman Brüder

This is the second album by Ponytail, an experimental band from formed in 2005 by Jeremy Sigler as a class project.

Watch Ponytail play "Beg Waves" live.

Ponytail on MySpace 


Sweethearting (2007)
Two by Two – Weeds – Vladamir and Gabriel – On Getting There – Down Waterfield – A Better Way To Run – Temporary Homes – Enter Early and Often – Consider the Archer – This Year I’m Going To See the Sun – Two by Two By Two (Epilogue)

Between 2002 and 2007 Private Eleanor made four full-length albums (as well as assorted singles, limited-run CD-Rs, compilation tracks, etc) and played lots of shows around the country. They are on the Beechfields record label. 

Web site:


The Living Room
neveragain, michigan – charles olsen – faker – down in a fog – you got it (the way) – the curse of a round face -- trotwood

Making Circles
A rhyming dictionary – making circles – Westchester – top left corner – (aperitif) – holding patterns are slow – love again – eyes closed – your unmuddled pasts – new instant – checkered flag – samuel p. Huntington – Chicago 2003


I don’t feel like dancing – she’s my man – I can’t decide – lights – land of a thousand words – intermission – kiss you off – ooh – paul mccartney – the other side – might tell you – everybody wants the same thing


This Is Your Signal
downfingers – push-on – this is your signal – I’m on fire – think again – still be here – everything bounces – probably will –sweetheart complication – Josephine – sweet & strange 


Thanks Hon: 30th Anniversary (2009)
Ordinary Sunday – Crown – We Need a House – Something For Ou – Mexican Hat – Nor Excited – Book of Love – Home Alone – Daisy Chain – F*** You (2008)

Watch Thee Katatonix play "Book of Love" live.

Watch Thee Katatonix play "Ordinary Sunday" on the Shakedown TV show.

Watch Thee Katatonix play "Something For You" on PBS TV.

Official Web site:


Tribute (2008)
Wave – So Danco Sambo – Samba Uma Noto So – Triste – Vivo Sonhando – Aqua De Beber – Take Five – Summer Samba – Fotografia – Insensatez – The “In” Crowd – Desafinado – Corcovado – Garota De Ipanema

Musicians: Bob Tiefenworth (piano), Paul Reiger (bass), Tim Taormino (drums)


Safety (2006)
Safety (a) -- Report from damage control -- High water mark -- All the reasons to leave -- Million to one -- White zin on-ice -- The leaf storm -- Mont Blan(k) -- Teach us a song -- Summer borne for sleep -- Sight to sound -- Safety (b).


The Knot (2009)
Milk and honey -- For prayer -- Take it in -- Siamese -- Talking about money -- Mary is Mary -- Tattoo -- I want for nothing -- That I do -- Sight, flight.

This is the second album by the Baltimore indie rock duo of Jenn Wassner and Andy Stack that was formerly known as Monarch. Prefix magazine said "The Knot isn’t a happy album by any stretch of the imagination, but optimism can be found within the notion that Wassner and Stack, by some strange alchemy, make sadness beautiful. In so doing, they have made an album that needs to be heard."

The Baltimore City Paper named Wye Oak "Best Band" in its 2009 "Best of Baltimore" issue, writing: "So dense yet so simple and so affecting, the longing, mournful sway-rock of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack's Wye Oak after just two albums already stands to be the music Baltimoreans 15 years from now hold up in the same way we hold up, say, Lungfish today. The songwriting is pristine: Its melodies, downcast and celebratory in the same measure, burrow under the skin like a gentle inoculation. The lyrical ideas are timeless. Bits of country and folk twang their way to the surface like remembered bits of a dream. And sounds and layers stack themselves improbably, and majestically, into some of the city's finest tunes. Just a couple of years ago, Wye Oak was crafting its music in relative obscurity and, since, has found its way onto the national and world stages, spreading a whole new Baltimore gospel."

Watch Wye Oak's "Please Concrete" music video.

Wye Oak on MySpace