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Demographic Information: Manuals and Methodology

Demography is the study of the characteristics of human populations. The Regional Information Center has lots of information on the demographics of Maryland, particularly central Maryland. Below are materials on how to use demographic data.

Other Demographic Materials 

The materials listed below are available for use on-site at 1500 Whetstone Way, Suite 300, by appointment only . Please call 410-732-0500 x1059 to arrange a time to visit.

Measuring America: the Decennial Census from 1790 to 2000. Washington, DC: Bureau of the Census, 2002. (510 madc)
Description of contents of each census back to the very first one.

The Methods and Materials of Demography. By Henry S. Shryock. London, UK: Elsevier Academic Press, 2004. (510 mmd 2004)
New edition of a classic text in how to use population data for analytic studies.

Using Census Data to Help Communities: Census Information Centers at Work. Washington, DC: Bureau of the Census, 2003. (510 ucdh)
Provides brief case studies of how census information can be used to understand and improve local quality of life.

Using the American Community Survey; Benefits and Challenges. Washington, DC: National Academies Press, 2007. (510 uacs)
Discussion on the usability of American Community Survey numbers as a replacement for decennial census data.