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WikiLeaks is an international, non-profit organization which gathers leaked documents that for the most part are private, secret, and/or classified.  The documents are uploaded to the WikiLeaks Web Site as well as distributed to select news outlets.

The Web Site was launched in 2006 by Julian Assange for the purpose of exposing oppressive regimes and making transparent previously opaque governmental and corporate activities around the world.  WikiLeaks depends for its content on whistleblowers and dissidents. There have been three major WikiLeaks document releases to high circulation newspapers around the world:

The Afghan War Diaries
        NYT (US)            The Guardian (UK)              Der Spiegel (Germany)

Iraq War Logs
        NYT (US)            The Guardian (UK)              Der Spiegel (Germany)

U.S. Diplomatic Cables
        NYT (US)            The Guardian (UK)              Der Spiegel (Germany)            
        El País (Spain)  

Time Magazine WikiLeaks cover
Time magazine's Dec.13, 2010
cover story was on Wikileaks.         

Bradley Manning is a U.S. Army soldier who has been accused of aiding the enemy by leaking over 200,000 secret documents to WikiLeaks.  His pretrial hearing at Fort Meade in Maryland has just concluded. The New York Times has compiled these resources to help readers follow and understand the Bradley Manning Case: Times Topic: Bradley Manning.

TIMELINE: Click here for a WikiLeaks timeline of events from Euronews.



THE DEBATE: Examining the debate from both—or more—sides reveals a complex, often conflicting, set of values and ethics: on the one hand, dissidents scrutinizing and imposing limits on government secrecy which covers up clandestine wars and human rights violations. On the other hand, government invoking the Espionage Act to protect citizens from dissidents and potential terrorists.