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Biography and Personal Papers


Author Title Reels Notes
Brandeis, Louis. The Public Papers of Louis Brandeis 8 (The Jacob and Bertha Goldfarb Library of Brandeis University)
Burr, Aaron. The Papers of Aaron Burr 27 Includes correspondence, journals, and legal papers.
Butler, Benjamin F. General Benjamin F. Butler, a Bibliography 1  
Carter, Landon and Robert Wormely Carter. The Carter Family Papers 4 Includes land documents, correspondence, and diaries of Landon Carter and his son Robert Wormely Carter from 1659 to 1797.
Hamond, Andrew Snape and Graham Eden Hamond. The Hamond Naval Papers 3 Letters and autobiographical works of Captain Andrew Snape Hamond (1766-1783) and his son Admiral Graham Eden Hamond (1799-1825). Covers British operations during the American Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Period.
Hunter, R. M. T. The Papers of R. M. T. Hunter 13 Includes speeches, personal and professional papers, personal correspondence, and business documents.
Ingersoll, Roy E. (Royal Eason). Biography of Admiral Roy E. (Royal Eason) Ingersoll, U. S. Navy 2 Includes information from interviews and author’s observation.
Jefferson, Thomas. The Jefferson Papers of the University of Virginia 12 Includes materials from 1732 to 1828.
Kennedy, John Pendleton. The John Pendleton Kennedy Papers 27 Kennedy was a close friend of George Peabody and one of the founders, with him, of the Peabody Institute. The papers include his journals from 1829 to 1868, his letters, an incomplete autobiography, and manuscripts of various published and unpublished writings, speeches, cataloguing of his personal library, his will, and miscellaneous other items.
Kennedy, John Pendleton. John Pendleton Kennedy 1 (Osbourne)
Kramer, Reuben. Reuben Kramer 2 Pictures of the work of this well-known local sculptor.
Lee. The Lee Family Papers 8 Includes cipher keys, financial records, miscellaneous manuscripts, and correspondence from 1742 to 1795.
Marechal, Ambrose. Life of the Most Reverend  Ambrose Marechal, Third Archbishop of Baltimore, 1768-1828 1  
Mencken, Henry L. The Mencken Collection 100+  
Poe, Edgar Allan. Ingram’s Poe Collection 7 This collection contains letters by and concerning Poe, Ingram's biography entitled The True Story of Edgar Allan Poe, book reviews and other articles by Poe, reviews of Poe's poetry and biographies concerning him, bibliographical materials, and accounts of the Poe Centenary. 2 reels missing.
Poe, Edgar Allan. Letters of Edgar Allan Poe 1  
Poe, Edgar Allan. Poe Subject Bibliography 1 (O’Neal)
Richmond, Mary. Mary Richmond and the Rise of Professional Social Work in Baltimore 1  
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Education and Libraries


Title Reels
An American Paradox: People and Books in a Metropolis (Hadja, Dissertation 1963). 1
Attitudes and Perceptions of Students Participating in Vocational Cooperative Education (Baldwin, Dissertation, 1975). 1
Carl Caspar’s Directory of American Books. (1889). 2
Catalog of the Avery Memorial Architectural Library (Second Edition). 2
Competencies Needed by Personnel engaged in Program Planning in State Divisions of Vocational-Technical Education (Gray). 1
Cooperative Office Education and its Effects on Attitudes toward Office Employment (Hodge, Dissertation 1968). 1
The Effect of Television Set Ownership upon Public Library Use  (Johnson). 1
Effectiveness of Closed-Circuit Television Observation and of Direct Observation of Children’s Art Classes for Implementing Elementary Teachers’ Training in Art Education (Sykes, Dissertation 1964). 1
Essential elements of educational specifications for school plant facilities (Roaden, Dissertation 1963). 1
Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (Garrison). 1
Evolving Conception of Adult Education (Monroe, Margaret) 1
Guides to Subject Literature (Barton). 1
List of Foreign Periodicals Available on Microfilm Methods of Catalog Card Reproduction in American Libraries (Colburn and Dewey, 1949). 1
Multiple Order Forms Used by American Libraries (Colburn, E.B.) 1
Patterns in the Use of Books in Large Research Libraries (Fussler) 1
Perceptual organization of effective and ineffective teachers (Gooding). 1
Personnel Rating Procedures of American Libraries (Colburn, E.B.) 1
Private Special Libraries as a Public Resource in Metropolitan Chicago (Johnson, Thesis, 1964).  
Quantity, Quality and Variety of Pupil Responses during an Open-Communication Structured Group Directed Reading-Thinking Activity and a Closed Communication Structured Group Directed Reading Activity (Petre, Dissertation, 1970). 3
A study of attitudes held by superintendents and Principals toward Career education in Texas (Harrison, 1972). 1
A Study of Public Library Film Services. 1
A study of the net expense of selected curricular programs at East Los Angeles College (Wells, 1966). 1
A Study of the Validity of the Production Variables Used for determining the admission, etc. (Cohen) 1
Suburban Use of the Cone City Book Collection in Greater Kansas City (Nov.6-11, 1961) (Gregg, Thesis 1964). 1
Undergraduate Library on the University Campus (Braden). 1
The Use of the Card Catalog in the Public Library (Irwin). 1
Wing: Early English Books 1641-1700. 1
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Title Reels
Papers concerning the building and dedication of Ames Methodist Episcopal Church, Pikesville, MD 2 copies
Annali Bolognesi, V. III, pts. 1-2 2 copies
Art Front , V. 1-3, Nov. 1934-1937, (magazine of the Artists Committee of Action, Artists Union, NYC) 3
Blain's History of Bute [Scotland] (Blain, 1880) 2 copies
Democracy in Colonial America (Skaggs, Jr., Dissertation, 1965) 1
Dow’s Sacred Orpheus for Male Voices (Dow, 1888) 2 copies
John’s Alive or the Bride of a Ghost (1846) 2
Knizhnaia Letopis: a bibliographical journal and the organ of state bibliography of the USSR. 2
Maya Hieroglyphic Writing Introduction (Thompson, 1950) 1
A Memoir of the Right Honorable James, First Lord Abinger (Scarlett, 1877) 1
Biblioteque Nationale de Paris (2 MLA documents) 1
Image du Monde (MLA no. 500F) 1
New Developments in Post-War English Drama (Hart, MA Thesis, 1960) 1
Petersburg Intelligencer (1804) 2
UNESCO... Reports by the National Bibliographic Working Groups 1
Remarks on the Geographical Distribution of  British Plants (Watson, 1835) 1
Who's Who in Economics (Clark, Library of Congress, 1948) 1
Who's Who in the Army: Official Biographies of General Officers of the US Army in Active Service between 1941-1947 (Schnapper) (2) 16mm reels
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