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Periodicals Department Collection and State Library Resources
Notice: In preparation of the Central Library renovation, the periodicals Department will be sharing its current space on the Main Floor on the mezzanine level with the Humanities Department.



Current Newspapers in Paper

The current day's newspapers may be obtained at the Microfilm Desk on the first floor of the Periodicals Department. A photo ID is required to check them out. The previous day's newspapers may be found in the rack at the entrance to the department; no ID is needed to borrow these older issues.


Title  Days Subscribed  City  Storage of Back Issues
 Afro-American  Fridays Baltimore, MD 3 months paper; microfilm March 10, 1898 -
 Christian Science Monitor  Mondays Boston, MA 3 months paper; microfilm 1940 - Dec. 2006
 New York Times  Daily New York, NY 3 months paper; microfilm Sept. 18, 1851 -
 Philadelphia Inquirer  Daily Philadelphia, PA 3 months paper
 Sun  Daily Baltimore, MD 3 months paper; microfilm May 17, 1837 -
 Wall Street Journal Daily New York, NY 3 months paper; microfilm July 8, 1889 -
 Washington Post  Daily Washington, DC 3 months paper; microfilm Jan. 1, 1961 -
 Washington Times  Daily Washington, DC 3 months paper
 USA Today  Daily Arlington, VA 3 months paper; microfiche Sept. 15, 1982-Dec. 2011


Current Baltimore City and Maryland county newspapers (other than the Sun and the Afro-American) are available in the Maryland Department.  


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Local Newspapers on Microfilm

Baltimore City Newspapers : Listed by Title, Listed by Year 

Maryland County Newspapers: Listed by County 



Out of Town Newspapers on Microfilm:


 Title  Years on Microfilm  Cabinet Number
 Barrons  1973 - 2011 14
 Chicago Tribune Jan. 1, 1986 - Dec. 31, 2006 back  wall
 Christian Science Monitor  1940 - Dec. 2006 14-15
 Journal of Commerce  1940 - 3rd Stack
 Journal of Commerce (Export Edition) 1981 - 3rd Stack
 Journal of Commerce (Import Edition) 1981 - 3rd Stack
(London) Times  1790 -  
(London) Sunday Times  1828, 1830, 1855, and Jan. 7, 1900 -  
 Los Angeles Times  Jan. 1, 1986 - Dec. 31, 2006 side wall

 Manchester Guardian 


Jan. 1, 1945 - Dec. 31, 1992


side wall

 National Observer  Feb. 4 1962 - Jul. 11, 1977 (Ceased Publication)  
 New York Daily Worker  Jan. 1, 1947 - Feb. 27, 1949  
 New York Times  Sept. 18, 1851 - 16-21
 Underground Newspaper Collection guide at desk (or click here)  
 U.S.A Today Sept. 15, 1982 - Dec. 2011 28 (microfiche)
 Virginia Gazette  Sept. 1736 - June 1776  
 Wall Street Journal  Jul. 8, 1889 - 22
 Washington Blade  Sept. 1978 - Nov. 4, 1983  
 Washington Post  Jan. 1, 1961 - 23-27


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Newspapers in Databases

Alt-Press Watch 

Baltimore Afro-American - Historical Newspaper (1893-1988)

Baltimore Sun (1837-1987)

Baltimore Sun (1990-present) 

Business Newsbank

Ethnic Newswatch

Historical Newspapers

National Newspapers 


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Newspaper Resources on the Web

Baltimore Local News

How to Find and Evaluate Online News Sources

Newspaper History Resources


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