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Periodicals Department Collection and State Library Resources
Notice: In preparation of the Central Library renovation, the periodicals Department will be sharing its current space on the Main Floor on the mezzanine level with the Humanities Department.

Paper Indexes to Periodicals by Subject


Department Key

AFAM = African American Department 
BST = Business, Science, & Technology Department 
CHLD = Children's Department
FAR = Fine Arts and Recreation Department
HUM = Humanities Department 
PER = Periodicals Department
SSH = Social Science and History Department



Subject Name of Index Dates indexed Department
African American Interest G.K. Hall Index to Black Periodicals 1999-2003 SSH
  Index to Black Periodicals 1984-1998 SSH
  Index to Periodical Articles by and about Blacks 1973-1983 SSH
  Index to Periodical Articles by and about Negroes 1965-1969
  Index to Selected Periodicals 1960-1965 AFAM
  Index to Selected Periodicals, Decennial Cumulation 1950-1959 SSH
  Black Index: Afro-Americans in Selected Periodicals 1907-1949 AFAM
Architecture Architectural Index 1992-2001 FAR
  Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals 1963-1997 FAR
Art Art Index 1929-1994 FAR
  Repertoire d'Art et Archeologie 1965-1987 FAR
  Index to Nineteenth Century American Art Periodicals 1801-1900 FAR
  Graphic Arts Bulletin 1992-1997 PER
  Graphic Arts Literature Abstracts 1973-1991 PER
Biography Biography Index 1946-present SSH
  Current Biography 1940-present SSH
Book Reviews Book Review Digest 1905-present PER
  Book Review Index 1965-present PER
  Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index 1974-1984 HUM
  Current Book Review Citations 1976-1982 PER
  Index to Book Reviews in Historical Periodicals 1972-1977 SSH
  Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals 1886-1974 HUM
  Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities Journals  1802-1974 HUM
Business Predicast's F&S Index of Corporate Change 1974-1989 PER
  Business Periodicals Index 1959-1989 PER
  Industrial Arts Index 1913-1948 BST
Child Development Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography 1929-1990 PER
Children's Magazine Content Children's Magazine Guide 1996-present CHLD
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Periodicals Index 1986-1996 SSH
Current Topics Vertical File Index: Guide to Pamphlets and References to Current Topics 1957-2003 PER
Education Education Index 1929-2004 SSH
  Exceptional Child Education Resources 1997-2001 SSH
  Exceptional Child Abstracts 1970-1977 SSH
  Current Index to Journals in Education 1969-1989 PER
  Index of Periodical Literature on Testing 1921-1936 SSH
Film International Index to Film Periodicals 1973-present HUM
  Film Literature Index 1974-2004 HUM
  Film Review Index 1882-1985 HUM
  Critical Index 1946-1973 HUM
  Retrospective Index to Film Periodicals 1930-1971 HUM
  New Film Index 1930-1970 HUM
Foreign & International Content International Index to Periodicals 1907-1965 PER, SSH
  Canadian Periodical Index 1938-1999 PER
  Index to South African Periodicals


  French Periodical Index 1973-1981 PER
  Index to Commonwealth Little Magazines 1868-1869 PER
  Subject Index to Periodicals (British) 1917-1961 PER
  British Humanities Index 1973-1992 HUM
  European Drama Criticism 1900-1975 HUM
Free Content Index to Free Periodicals 1977-1993 PER
Government Produced Content Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications 1941-1993 SSH
  Index to U.S. Government Periodicals 1970-1973
History America: History and Life   SSH
  Historical Abstracts 1955-1995 SSH
  C.R.I.S.: The Combined Retrospective Index Set to Journals in History 1838-1974 SSH
How To Index to How to Do it Information 1963-1989 PER
Humanities Humanities Index


  British Humanities Index 1973-1993 HUM
  Social Science and Humanities Index 1965-1974 HUM, SSH
  International Index to Social Sciences and Humanities 1907-1965 HUM, SSH
Labor Index to Labor Articles 1926-1952 PER
Law Current Law Index 1988-1998 SSH
  Index to Legal Periodicals 1926-1980
Library Science Library Literature 1921-present HUM
Literature and Criticism MLA International Bibliography 1921-2007 HUM
  Annual Literary Index 1893-1907 PER
  Comprehensive Index to English Language Little Magazines 1890-1970 HUM
  Index to Little Magazines 1940-1967 PER
  Index to American Little Magazines 1920-1939 PER
  Index to Commonwealth Little Magazines 1968-1969 PER
  Literary Index to American Magazines 1815-1865 HUM
  Index to Plays in Periodicals ? - 1976; 1977-1987 HUM
  European Drama Criticism 1900-1975 HUM
Military Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals 1949-1955; 1987 BST
Popular Magazine Content Reader's Guide To Periodical Literature 1880-present PER
  Access 1975-2006 PER
  Popular Periodical Index 1973-1990 PER
  Cover Story Index 1960-1991 PER
  Annual Magazine Subject Index 1908-1949 PER
  Cumulated Magazine Subject Index 1907-1949 PER
  Poole's Index to Periodical Literature 1802-1906 PER
  Cumulative Author Index for Poole's 1802-1906 PER
Psychology Psychological Abstracts 1927-1993 PER
Public Policy PAIS International in Print 1991-1995 SSH
  PAIS Bulletin 1915-1985


Religion Guide to Social Sciences and Religion In Periodical Literature 1970, 1971, 1975-1980 HUM
  Guide to Religious and Semi-Religious Periodicals 1965-1968 HUM
  Catholic Periodical and Literature Index 1967-2001 HUM
  Catholic Periodical Index 1930-1966 HUM
  Index to Jewish Periodicals 1963-present SSH
Science & Technology General Science Index 1978-1996 PER
  Chemical Abstracts 1907-1979 PER
  Biological and Agricultural Index 1964-1995 PER
  Agricultural Index 1916-1964 PER
  Biology Digest 1974-1997 PER
  Biological Abstracts 1928-1986 PER
  Aeronautical Engineering Index 1947-1958 PER
  Industrial Arts Index 1913-1948 BST
Social Science & Social Work C.R.I.S.: The Combined Retrospective Index Set To Journals in Political Science 1886-1974 SSH
  C.R.I.S.: The Combined Retrospective Index Set To Journals in Sociology 1895-1974 SSH
  Social Work Abstracts 1994-1998
  Social Work Research and Abstracts 1977-1990
  Abstracts in Social Gerontology 1990-1992 SSH
  Social Sciences Index 1974-1994 SSH
  Social Sciences and Humanities Index 1965-1974 SSH, HUM
  International Index to Social Sciences and Humanities 1907-1965 SSH, HUM
  Sociological Abstracts 1989-1992
Sports & Physical Education Physical Education Index 1998-present FAR
  Physical Education 1978-1977 PER
Theater New York Theater Critics Review 1940-1986 HUM
Women's Studies Women's Studies Abstracts 1975-1994




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