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The Library offers customers free access to over 60 research databases. They contain scholarly journal articles, reports, images, newspapers and more, on a variety of topics. Here are a few examples:
  • Baltimore Sun Archive
  • and HeritageQuest
  • Auto Repair Reference Center
  • Value Line (investing research)
  • Learning Express Library
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Periodicals Department Collection and State Library Resources
Notice: In preparation of the Central Library renovation, the periodicals Department will be sharing its current space on the Main Floor on the mezzanine level with the Humanities Department.

Indexes to Periodicals


Electronic Databases/Indexes

The library subscribes to electronic databases which index (and often contain the full-text of) periodicals. Most databases are accessible from any Enoch Pratt Free Library branch. You may also access many of the databases from any home, office, or school computer by entering a valid Pratt Library Card number. Certain databases are available through Sailor  with any valid Maryland public library card.


Paper Indexes in the Periodicals Department

Although a few databases have good historical coverage, many databases cover only recent years. So while databases are often very helpful, there may be a need for using paper indexes, especially when doing historical research. 

 Access 1975 -
 Alternative Press Index 1989 -
 Canadian Periodicals Index 1938 - 1999
 Poole's Index to Periodical Literature 1880 - 1906
 Popular Periodicals Index 1973 - 1990
 Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature 1880 -
 Paper Indexes to Periodicals by Subject  
Cumulative Indexes to Specific Periodicals In Paper 
Book Review Digest 1905 -
Book Review Index 1965 -
Current Review Citations 1976 - 1982
Index to Literature in The New Yorker  1925 - 1975
Kirkus Reviews Index 1948 - 1972
Library Journal Book Reviews 1967 - 1976
New York Review of Books Index 1963 - 1973
New York Times Book Review Index 1896 - 1970
(Baltimore) Sun Indexes  1837 - 1959;
1983 -
 Christian Science Monitor Index  1950 -
Evening Sun Indexes  1910 - 1955;
1983 - 1995
 (London) Times Index 1790 - 2006
 New York Times Index 1851 -
 New York Times Personal Names Index 1851 - 1993
 USA Today Index 1989 -
 Virginia Gazette Index 1736 - 1780
 Washington Post Index 1974 -
Editorials On File 1970 - 2000
New York Times Obituaries Index 1858 - 1978
Obituaries from the (London) Times  1951 - 1975
Obituaries on File


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